Reproductive Rights State Amendment

​ DCDP just received a supply of petitions to get the Reproductive Rights state amendment on the ballot for November. Our goal is to secure 10,000 signatures. Now we need volunteers and locations to do this important work. We will use our RAPID system to distribute and collect these petitions. Volunteers can get training online. […]

“Friend” Raising Efforts

​ Many thanks to everyone who has donated to the Delaware County Democratic Party this year.  Your DCDP has received $ 5,800 in donations in 2023.  This is up from $3,808 for the same period last year.  You and other dedicated donors have increased your recurring donations by $380 in 2023, to bring our monthly […]

Ohio Democratic Party Updates​

Joydeep Gupta, our First Vice-Chair and ODP Executive Committee member is selected to serve on ODP’s recently formed 2024 Delegate selection and Affirmative Action, Equity and Inclusion Committee. One of the key objectives of this committee is to ensure ODP sends as many delegates from Ohio, as possible (up to the maximum number approved by […]

Candidate Training

We texted 45 individuals that expressed interest through the Ohio Democratic Party in running for office this year and had an introductory interview with  14 potential candidates on March 7. We are following up with everyone who expressed interest in running to give them more information. Anyone interested should contact Joyce Bourgault by phone or […]

Rigged: the Voter Suppression Playbook

​ On Monday evening, March 20, a group of 60 gathered at the Strand in Delaware to watch the movie, RIGGED: the Voter Suppression Playbook. After the documentary, we heard from Dr. Brianna Mack, a Gov’t and Pol Sci faculty member at OWU, and legal counsel Sarah Cherry of the Ohio House of Representatives Democratic Caucus. […]

Community Outreach

​ Starting April 7, we will have our party tent at Delaware First Fridays – a great opportunity to let people know that there are Democrats in Delaware County and what we stand for, who our candidates are. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Print Email Back

Young Dems

Joe Bjorkman is an OSU student who is working to invigorate all kinds of young Dems. Ann Wennberg is also helping to reach out in support of College Dems at Ohio Wesleyan. You can get in touch with Joe by email. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Print Email Back