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Over the three months between the special election in August, 2023 and the general election in November, 2023, you donated more than $4,700 to support DCDP’s efforts to help pass Issue 1 (Reproductive Freedom) and Issue 2 (Adult Use of Cannabis), as well as our work in support of 10 endorsed candidates, 7 of whom won. Thanks to everyone for your support.

Your donation to the Delaware County Democratic Party will help us cover expenses, recruit and maintain our volunteer organization, and support local Democratic candidates.

If you contribute $25 or create a recurring contribution for at least $5 a month, and you live in Delaware County, you will be considered a Donating Member of the Delaware County Democratic Party. We encourage you to consider contributing more than our minimum level to help our party focus on our priorities.

Thanks to you, the Delaware County Democratic Party continues to grow! There are elections every year in Ohio, and this is certainly no exception. As we support our local candidates and the statewide campaigns in August and November, we are also building for the future. Thank you for helping us build a lasting foundation.

Campaign finance laws require that contributions by a county party to candidates for statewide offices or the General Assembly must be raised for that purpose and kept separate from other fundraising. If you would like to help us help Democrats running for those offices, please click on the State Fund button below.


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