“Friend” Raising Efforts​

Many thanks to everyone who has donated to the Delaware County Democratic Party this year. 

Your DCDP has received $ 5,800 in donations in 2023.  This is up from $3,808 for the same period last year.  You and other dedicated donors have increased your recurring donations by $380 in 2023, to bring our monthly recurring donations to $2,233.  This is very important.  It provides your DCDP with a defined income each month.  It also allows the recurring donor the ease of knowing they have made their annual contribution.  Recurring donations remove the need for multiple reminder emails from party leaders.  It is painless and automatic. 

If you have already made your annual donation, you should have received a DCDP Donor card.  Please consider taking a selfie with your DCDP Donor card and send it to us to show you are a proud DCDP card carrier.  We will make a collage of these selfies and it will be fun to display it at events.  When you take your selfie, please send it to lindadiamond14@gmail.com.  Don’t have a DCDP Donor card?  You only need to take a minute and go to the website at https://ohiodeladems.org/donate and make a donation through ActBlue.  You may also mail your donation check to the Delaware County Democratic Party at P.O. Box 872, Delaware, OH  43015.  Your DCDP Donor card will be mailed to you as soon as possible.

Again, thank you for being involved in the Delaware County Democratic Party and for your donations.  You are really making a difference.