The Delaware County Democratic Party is in need of volunteers to be at the Delaware County Board of Elections to hand out the sample ballots. We have a schedule of 2-3 hour shifts. This role is so important because, as we mentioned, judicial candidates do not have party affiliation with their names!

Volunteers may pick up sample ballots at the home of a volunteer who lives near the BOE or print their own by downloading the ballot here.

At Delaware County Board of Elections (2079 US Highway 23, Delaware, in the Big Lots complex), these volunteers must stand at least 100 feet away from the door, which is marked with flags. As long as you are outside the 100 foot area, this is a legal activity. You are able to hand out campaign literature and wear political clothing and hats. (ORC 3501.35)

If you are interested, sign up for time slots here. All the instructions are on the signup!