2024 Races

The 2024 Presidential election will be one of the most important ever. Freedom, democracy, respect for the law, respect for the truth, and even basic competency will be critical in that race, and many other races as well. 

This page lists the races involving Delaware County, the incumbents, and the Democrats who are running. Support the Democratic candidates, donate what you can, and remember them when you cast your vote.

See the bottom of this page for information about two citizen initiatives, both currently collecting signatures, that may be on the ballot in November.

Delaware County Democrats who will be on the ballot in the primary election, March 19. Left to right: Tonya Griffith for County Recorder, Garrett Sohnly for County Commissioner, Steve Thomas for US Congress 4, Christian Smith for State Rep OH 61, Andre Washington, ODP Vice Chair, Tamie Wilson for US Congress 4, David Hogan for State Rep OH 61 and Jerrad Christian for US Congress 12. Not shown is Rachael Morocco, State Rep OH 60.

Here are all the offices that will be up for election in 2024. Incumbents are in parentheses

President/Vice President (Biden/Harris) Democrats running (endorsed by ODP): Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

US Senate (Brown) Democrats running (endorsed by ODP): Sherrod Brown

US House

District 4 (Jordan) Democrats running: Tamie Wilson

District 12 (Balderson) Democrats running: Jerrad Christian

5th District Court of Appeals

Term Exp 2/8/25 (John Wise)

Term Exp 2/10/25 (Patricia Delaney)

Term Exp 2/9/25 (Scott Gwin)

Ohio Supreme Court Justice

Term Exp 12/31/24 (Donnelly) Democrat running for re-election (endorsed by ODP): Michael P. Donnelly

Term Exp 12/31/24 (Deters) Democrat running (endorsed by ODP): Lisa Forbes

Term Exp 1/1/25 (Stewart) Democrat running for re-election (endorsed by ODP): Melody J. Stewart

State Board of Education (Collins)

Ohio House District 60 (Lorenz) Democrats running: Rachael Morocco

Ohio House District 61 (Lear) Democrats running: David Hogan

County Offices

Commissioner (Merrill)

Commissioner (Benton) Democrats running: Garrett Sohnly

Coroner (Hickman)

Engineer (Bauserman)

Treasurer (Rankey)

Recorder (M Jordan) Democrats running: Tonya Griffith

Sheriff (Balzer)

Clerk of Court, Common Pleas (Fravel)

Prosecutor (Schiffel)

Common Pleas Judge (Schuck)

Citizen Initiatives

End Gerrymandering: Ohio politicians, especially the current crop of General Assembly Republicans, have shown that they can’t be trusted to draw fair districts. Citizens Not Politicians is collecting signatures on a petition to move the responsibility for redistricting to a commission of citizens, balanced among Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, who are not professional politicians or party officials. This effort has been endorsed by ODP.

$15 Minimum Wage: also endorsed by ODP, this initiative would raise the minimum wage in Ohio to $15, and end the sub-minimum wage for tipped workers, which is currently $5.05. Ohio Citizen Action and other groups are collaborating on signature collection.