Executive Committee Minutes – April 2021

Note:   We are continuing to hold our regular monthly business meetings in the Zoom process due to the current Coronavirus situation.

              Executive / Central Committee Meeting       April 15, 2021

Tonight’s meeting was opened at 7:05 pm, by Chair Peg Watkins.  There are currently 50 persons in attendance.

Our Parliamentarian, Liz Osorio, once again called attention to appropriate manners and reminded that, although everyone is muted, the chat option provides her the opportunity to promptly respond to any questions.

Peg requested the screen shot of the flag and everyone joined in the Pledge of Allegiance.  

Peg reviewed the planned agenda for tonight and the meeting proceeded.

Secretary Report –  Minutes from last month’s meeting had been posted for review and a correction was requested by Richard Bradley to change “medium income” to “median income” in the comment section from Mayor Cranley.  Correction so noted. No other changes.  Motion was made to accept the minutes by Richard and seconded by Melanie Farkas.  Motion was passed by majority.

Secretary Barb Berry stated that we currently have 184 members, which is ahead of last year at this time.  

Treasurer’s Report – Roo displayed the report and explained details.  No questions or comments about the report.  Tony Yankus made a motion to accept and Corrine Lyman seconded.  Majority voted and motion passed.

While we anticipated the arrival of guest speaker Tim Ryan, we continued on the agenda.

Peg announced the need to fill the recently vacated position of Vice-chair.  She asked for any nominations from the floor.   Rachel Morocco nominated Holly Hanson.  Roo Dirrig seconded that motion.  Holly accepted the nomination.  Peg requested any other nominations.  None voiced.  Mike Kabler made the motion to close the nominations and seconded by Roo.    Holly was asked to make a brief statement to the membership prior to a vote.  She stated that she is a lifelong Democrat, active in various Olentangy School committees, resides in Orange K precinct, and is happy to accept the position.  Melanie displayed the screen ballot and vote was taken to elect Holly.  With majority vote, she was elected.

Heather Karr, Powell City Council member, reminded the current election taking place is for the tax issue on the ballot, for city of Powell residents only. Election is on May 4th.

Andre Washington messaged on ODP matters.  He stated that ODP is going in a good direction. A main street training will be offered to assist anyone possibly interested in considering running for an office.  He said Dems are smart people and we can make things happen in Delaware County.  He also encouraged women to apply for any openings at ODP.  Peg said she would happily assist anyone that might be interested and she can ‘talk you up’!

Special Guest speaker – Tonight we welcomed U.S. Representative Tim Ryan from the 13th House District.  He serves on the Appropriations committee and gave notice that he is considering running for the Senate.  He feels that Delaware County could turn blue and be a strength in turning Ohio blue.  He has attention to infrastructure issues, climate change, minimum wages, a new economy for Ohio, and a focus on moral issues.  After taking questions, he emphasized pushing our agenda into the future and again said let’s turn Delaware blue!

Peg thanked Ryan and wished all things well going forward.

Peg mentioned the Parker Scholarship.  Four deserving students have been the selected recipients this year.  They are Kylie Hanson, Mackenzie Collett, Lisa Choe and Brynn McGrail.  It was noted that an article will be in the Gazette about it.

Peg reminded that there will be a number of local candidate offices on the November ballot.  We should strongly consider running, even if the effort is opposed.  But without opposition on the other side – there is no chance we can ever win.  Peg then introduced Melanie Farkas.  

Melanie announced that she has declared candidacy for Township Trustee.  She had her kick-off this past week and is excited going forward.  She will appreciate any/all support and will have postcards available soon.  Please help.

Campaigns and Candidates –   Joyce Bourgault said things are still going well and a resource list will soon be made available for potential candidates.

PROD –  Pam Warrick has recently submitted her need to step down due to personal matters, but will remain as a precinct rep.  She was recognized for her excellent efforts to the committee and thanked for her work.  Peg noted that nothing has taken place to replace Pam yet.

Peg reminded that the next Focus Forward group is scheduled for 4/20 @ 7:00pm. Executive Committee Member Robert Davis, citizen advocate Cheryl Lett and Legislative Aide Doug Babcock from ODP are planned to participate.

A screen shot displayed the list of future events.

Peg inquired regarding any interest for possible future outdoor meetings.  A survey was screened for May, June, or July.  

No further business, questions or comments. 

A motion was made by Mike Kabler to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Roo Dirrig.   Meeting closed.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Berry, Secretary