Executive Central Committee Meeting, September 21, 2023

Tonight’s meeting was held at the Delaware Township Hall and opened at 7:04pm. There were 47 Executive Committee members present and 13 guests in attendance. A quorum was established.

Chair Peg Watkins began the meeting and asked Bill Shelby to lead the group for the Pledge of Allegiance.  Peg called upon Liz Osorio, our Parliamentarian, to remind the group that Roberts Rules will be followed for this meeting.

Peg advised that this meeting will not discuss routine business. We are here tonight to advise the members of the findings of our Candidate Support Committee recommendations with regard to their report.

Peg introduced and invited Delaware County Health Commissioner Garret Guillozet to speak briefly regarding support the the renewal of the .7 mil levy. Please spread the word and remind that Delaware County has been named the healthiest county for 9 years in a row. Joe Diamond made a motion to support the levy, Suzanne Binau seconded and all in favor stated yea. Motion was passed.

Peg called if anyone representing the Dublin City Schools levy was present – no show.

Peg then moved on to the matter at hand. She asked Joyce Bourgault, Chair of the Candidate Support Committee to address the members. Joyce began by expressing her thanks to the other 11 committee members and one observer for the many long and extended hours spent on their mission. She advised that there were 16 candidates that completed the questionnaire and every one was impressive. Every candidate expressed the thoroughness of our questionnaire. Many factors were considered in determining the amount of support each candidate would be considered. Joyce provided an overhead list and hard copies of the recommendations which can be attached into the minutes. After asking for any comments or questions, (none offered) Joyce made a motion to accept the committee recommendations as provided. Linda Diamond seconded that motion.

Open to further discussion – none.

Peg asked the members for approval. All approved. Motion passed.

Suzanne Binau took the floor to compliment everyone that worked so hard at the fair. Pat Meter, Emma Jones, Julie Houston and others were all very involved. Many thanks.

No other matters addressed.

A motion was made by Tony Yankus to adjourn the meeting. Chandler White seconded that motion. All agreed. Meeting closed.

It was mentioned that yard signs are anticipated and will be available as soon as possible. Some candidate literature was also available and post card signing is always welcome.

In the absence of Secretary Corey McCaffery,
Respectfully submitted by
Barbara Berry