Central Committee Meeting Minutes – October 2018

Upon arrival members and guests were recorded on sign-in sheets which reflected 60 members and 7 guests in attendance.  

The meeting was called to order at 7:37pm. by Chair Peg Watkins and she requested Jim Nugent to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary – The minutes were recorded on the website and motion was made by Lee Lybarger to accept as recorded and it was seconded by Nancy Cline.  All in favor – motion was passed.

Treasurer John Schmarr provided Peg with finance information and as of 10/18 our account reflects a balance of $15,852.77.  Report was approved and passed as stated.

Motion was made to accept David Simmons & Annie Curran as at large committee reps. Motion passed.

Chair report –   Peg relayed that the State dinner was wonderful.  Our tables were full.  She also stated that she hosted a fundraiser for Steve Dettleback which raised about $3000. She also reminded the election is only 19 days away.  Keep working at our goal.  Elect Dems. She encouraged everyone to participate in the special event on Oct 27 (7a-7p) at the Highbanks Metro Park for Dems gathering. She also noted that poll workers are still needed and deferred calls for that to Abby Matheny at the BOE.

Fair report –  Julie Huston & Greg Hankins reported a huge success.  Greg was pleased with the 64 volunteer help.  Sign up genius worked out well.  The favorite food list was fun and the drawing for a free membership provided 25 new contact names and they secured 12 new voter registrations.   He is looking for an assistance for the event next year.

Membership –  Linda Gaffey reported 294 current members. 

Cathi Kulik reported on the Sherrod Brown campaign- she asked for any assistance to offer slate cards to voters at the BOE during vote periods at the early vote center. Any help would be appreciated.

Candidates –  Aileen Wagner suggested donations be made directly to the candidates – they need help. She will be at an event at Cardinal Health and will continue canvassing.  Cory Hoffman cheered us on with his drive to win – we can do this! Louise Valentine thanks Spencer for all his campaign drive and noted she has been endorsed by the Farm Bureau and the Dispatch ranked her as #1.  The negative ads by her opponents have been countered by her support of education. She has been endorsed by Sherrod and her race is currently tied with her opponent. She asked members to take her signs or postcard packets which Spencer had available.  Between Knox & Franklin Counties over 10K postcards have already been sent out. Any contributions are also welcome. Kathleen Tate – says she is the only candidate saying yes to Issue 1. She feels although she may not win but she’s fighting from the heart.  Indu Rajan said postcards and canvassing is her focus and will do all she can to help the others, She thanked everyone for any way they have helped.

Communications –  Brian advised everyone to refer to the website – it has much information to offer, especially regarding voting and the candidates.  The website will continue expanding with original articles provided by members, special event details and much more.  He stated that the Facebook pages are private and Twitter will be reopened.

Peg again stressed that we are the Party of the People and our work together will determine how votes turn out.  She said to reach out to Fred for any canvassing interest or phone banks.     She reminded us of the following upcoming events:  Oct. 19th the Sunbury Chamber will host a candidates breakfast at Northstar Golf Club.  / Oct. 21 Danny O’Connor will hold a canvassing launch at Headqtrs. He will also make an appearance at Zion AME church at 10am. followed by a fundraiser at the Oak & Brazen. /  Oct 25th National Church Residences will host a candidates forum at 12:30 at Inniswood Village in Westerville.   The Prederies will be holding an event and expect the Blue Bus to show up.  For more details or information visit our website.    She continued to thank everyone for their help.

At 8:40 the motion was made by Melanie Farkas and seconded by Greg Hankins to close the meeting and continue into our breakout session.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Berry