Central Committee Meeting Minutes – July 2018

Meeting was called to order at 7:48 pm by Chair Peg Watkins.

Approximately 55 persons in attendance and some guests.

Peg invited someone to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

Peg then shared information from the recent ODP Summit that was attended by some of the officers.  She indicated that slate cards would be presented in the future with local candidates, but the impact at this time is on the O’Connor campaign.  The main message from the party is that we stress People 1st.   and she mentioned that Spencer was on one the panels and did an amazing job encouraging everyone to take part in campaigning.  The Delaware County participation has been very impressive and we need to build the momentum for August 7th and on through November.

She gave kudos to the Big Walnut region and the Kabler family for their barn rally. All of the candidates are actively requesting and have resources available for volunteer help.

Kyle from the Human Rights organization was also here imploring interest in their community and any assistance available.

David Carpenter reminded about the Big Walnut function and the issue is that the candidates raise the money themselves and the present urgency is the O’Connor campaign and any contributions to support that is important.

The treasurer’s report was presented by John Schmarr and no questions/ comments stated.  Greg Hankins moved accept it as stated and Ed Helvey seconded.

Minutes from last month meeting were posted on line and Carol Young moved to accept as posted and Lee Lybarger seconded.

Julie advised on the fund raiser status.  She has a string trio to entertain before dinner and so far there are at least 10 silent auction items.  Guest speaker will be Steve Dettleback and any other attending candidates.  Tickets are still available and checks may be sent to John.  Last count is needed by tomorrow noon.

Linda Gaffey will contact Peg with any updates regarding membership.

Ed Helvey is playing a very active part in the Cordray campaign and said activity will pick up on Aug 8th – he will be meeting with the mayor of Cleveland and hopes we will support in any way possible.

Annie Ellison and Fred Young, brought a video from Danny O’Connor in which he thanked everyone for all their efforts all across the counties and asked us to donate, knock on doors, and step up to win this thing.  Let’s send a message across the country!  We can do this!  Annie is tracking and Danny is leading in some counties but Delaware is critical.  GOTV will have 5 locations stations in our county and canvassing will be increased.  Mindy asked for any help with food or shelter for visiting canvassers. Contact her.

Louise Valentine spoke briefly and invited everyone to a fundraiser at the home of Joe & Linda Diamond on Aug 9th.   Betty Sutton is scheduled to attend.  This race is presently a ‘toss up’ and very winnable!  We just ask for your support and help.

Cory Hoffman running for the 67th house district spoke for support of Danny and said let’s lift this thing up! Let’s do it!

Indu – candidate for County Auditor stressed that we just need to canvas and forge forward.

Brian Jaffe said the new communications platform should be finalized in August and our main focus in on improving and maintaining the data base.  He asked for anyone with graphic design experience to reach him.   He also noted there is a private Facebook page available on line.

Donna hoped the power point pictures she was able to provide before the meeting began were enjoyed.  There were pictures of parades, phone banks, post card sessions and more. She reminded that the office is open Monday-Friday from 11-5pm. and there will be folks there working on campaigns also.  She asked for help from anyone that might be tec savvy.   There will be no farm market this week and the First Fridays are going very well. 

Peg sent letters to some persons regarding the fund raiser and encouraged everybody to invite friends and reach out to other areas.    She noted that the early note center is open and encouraged everyone to VOTE!

Cathy Kulink said there will be a fund raiser for Danny at the VanMeter residence in Powell and she will be canvassing.  Contact her to join.

Heidi Yoder said VistaPrint will make post cards or door hangers for you.

Guest John Rybka, acting Democratic poll worker co-ordinator, spoke the need still remains for Election day poll workers.  Please contact him, if interested.  Carol Young also noted that she could use help on Election evening as the polls return their supplies. Both positions get paid.

No other business remained.

Mindy Hedges moved to dismiss and close, Spencer seconded to adjourn.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Berry,  Secretary