2022 Races

US Senate

The Ohio Democratic Party has endorsed Tim Ryan (https://timforoh.com) for the US Senate.

 US House of Representatives

Due to the failure of Ohio’s legislature and redistricting commission to create fair districts, we are still not certain what district Delaware County voters will be in. At this time, we have been drawn into US House District 4, currently occupied by Jim Jordan. It consists of all or part of 10 counties, including Delaware County, which is the most populous and likely most Democratic of all of them. Candidates who have been seeking support to run against Jim Jordan are:

Delaware Resident Tamie Wilson (https://www.tamiewilson.com)
Lima resident Jeff Sites (https://sitesforcongress.com)


Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley and Cheryl Stephens (https://nanwhaley.com)
Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley and Teresa Fedor (https://www.johncranley.com)

Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice

Justice Jennifer Brunner (https://www.justicebrunner.com) has been endorsed by the Ohio Democratic Party.

Ohio Supreme Court Justice

Judge Terri Jamison (https://www.votejudgejamison.com) has been endorsed by the Ohio Democratic Party.
Judge Marilyn Zayas (https://judgemarilynzayas.com) has been endorsed by the Ohio Democratic Party.

Attorney General

Jeff Crossman (https://crossmanforohio.com)

State Auditor

Taylor Sappington of Nelsonville (https://sappingtonforohio.com)

Secretary of State

Chelsea Clark (https://www.chelseaforohio.com)


Scott Schertzer, Mayor of Marion (https://scottschertzerforohio.com)

 The following Democrats have filed to run in the districts as currently configured. The Ohio Supreme Court has ordered changes to these districts no later than February 17. Follow the latest news on Ohio’s redistricting at Fair Districts Ohio.

OH House 60
(the western part of Delaware County, similar to current OH House 67)

Becky Slater

OH House 61
(Similar to OH House 68, Eastern part of Delaware County, but adding Orange Township, all of Knox County, Morrow County and part of Holmes Co)

Louise Valentine (https://www.valentineforohio.com)
Rachael Morocco

OH Senate 19
(Numbered the same as our current district, and includes the new House Districts of 60 and 61, adding House Dist 98, all of Knox County and northern Morrow County)

Chrissie Hinshaw
Heather Swiger


Tiffany Bukoffsky


Vera Thornhill