Leaving the spring semester of 2021, many clubs at OWU are currently running elections for brand new executive boards to start service in the fall. OWU’s College Democrats are going through the same process. Given that none of the current executive board is planning to return in a leadership capacity next semester, it is very exciting for us to get to welcome in a completely new batch of students to serve on our executive board.

Meet our new leaders:

President: Sophia Gipson (she/they) | Class of ’24
Vice President: Johnathan Ellis (he/him) | Class of ’24
Secretary: Brooke Hall (she/her) | Class of ’23
Treasurer: Brittani Stiltner (she/her) | Class of ’23

We are so thrilled to see what this marvelous group is going to do over the next academic year and into the future. Every one of them is such a kind, inspiring, brilliant, and active student both on campus and in the political world overall and we cannot wait to see such a wonderful group in action!

Additionally, a huge thank you to our leaving executive board for all of the work you have done; to Danielle Black and Alexis Greene for reviving College Democrats on OWU’s campus, to Anna Fender for being the heart of our creative projects and our evolving organization, to Micaela Kreutzer for helping in our transition between leadership, and Dr. Brianna Mack for being such a wonderful advisor and invaluable resource in our birth and growth. We are excited to see all of your future projects in action.