Special Meeting Minutes – June 30, 2020

Special Meeting Minutes

Addendum to the minutes:   There were issues with regard to the proper Zoom link that was provided as it delayed some members from joining at the start of the meeting.  Some members requested better instructions be provided with more accuracy in the future.   Since this is still a process with a learning curve, but will likely be the way of the future, it is important that everyone is able to connect on time without missing any of the meeting.  This situation will be addressed accordingly.

Due to the continued virus restrictions, a Special Meeting via Zoom session was held, after appropriate notice was provided via USPS.

Executive / Central Committee Minutes June 30, 2020

At 7:12 pm Peg opened this special meeting stating that this meeting was being held for nominations to fill the recently vacated candidate position for County Commissioner by John Hartman.  Peg asked for any nominations from the floor.  Emma Jones nominated Pamela Foster.  She accepted the nomination.  With no further nominations presented, call to vote was held.   Majority vote passed.  She has already begun forming a campaign and the party will complete a form for Pam to sign and present to the Board of Election shortly.  We will look forward to supporting her.

Further Peg, announced an ad hoc her task force that will work on the resolution on Racism as discussed at our last meeting.  Andre Washington and Yvette Lawal have both agreed to co-chair.

No further discussion or matters of business at this time.

Motion to adjourn was made by Julie Huston and seconded by Emma Jones.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Berry


An open invitation was provided for anyone interested to remain on the Zoom call for a presentation by Liz Osorio, our parliamentarian.  She will be training on the Robert’s Rules of Order.

Liz’s presentation provided screen shots with details of proper procedure and opportunity for questions and answers.S