Our Local Party​

Here are some exciting facts about our local party growth:

Contact list total on 2022-12-19: 3,178
Contact list total on 2024-01-23: 3,494 (growth: 316 in 13 months)

2022-02 FB followers: 1,778
2024-02 FB followers: 2,038 (growth: 260 in two years)
2022-02 Twitter followers: 488
2024-02 Twitter followers: 658 (growth: 170 in two years)

2022 donations through ActBlue: 16,906.25 
2023 donations through ActBlue: 25,083.80 

Started the State Candidates Fund, with more than $2K so far

Raised $2,362.00 for Vote NO on Issue 1 yard signs (August, 2023 special election)
Raised $1,371.00 for Vote Yes on Issue 1 yard signs (November, 2023 general election)

Finally, on the Communications Team: we are responsible for DCDP’s website, social media, and mass emails. We also work to keep our contact list and donor list up to date, and as consistent as possible with the Board of Elections’ voter list. We are in need of a volunteer to handle the sound system for meetings. If you are interested, please email us at communications@ohiodeladems.org. Finally, there have been recent attempts to hack into local Democrats’ social media accounts. The best thing you can do to protect yourself is to use 2-factor authentication. Information about using 2-factor authentication is available for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X, Gmail, and many others.