Reproductive Freedom Amendment

The Reproductive Freedom Amendment will be Issue 1 in November, 2023. It protects Ohioans’ freedom to make their own decisions about

  • abortion
  • contraception
  • fertility treatment
  • miscarriage care, and
  • continuing one’s own pregnancy

The out-of-touch, extremist Republicans who control the General Assembly for the time being are determined to take those freedoms away. But you can say YES to freedom. Here are some ways to make your voice heard:

VOTE: check the General Election key dates on this page, make sure your voter registration is good to go, and vote YES, early in-person, or by mail, or in-person on Election Day.

ADVOCATE: tell your friends and family about the amendment, and encourage them to vote for freedom.

PUT UP A YARD SIGN: click here to get one.

DONATE: you can help pass Reproductive Freedom, and support Democrats running for local offices by donating.

PHONE BANK: you can call voters and encourage them to vote YES. Get trained and get started here.

VOLUNTEER: there are lots of other ways you can help by volunteering your time. Fill out the form below and let us know what you’d like to do.

General Election Key Dates

October 10Voter registration deadlineCheck your registration here
Register here
October 11 – November 5In-person early voting8am – 5pm October 11-13, 16-20, 23-27
7:30am – 7:30pm October 30
7:30am – 8:30 pm October 31
7:30am – 7:30pm November 1-3
8am – 4pm November 4
1pm – 5pm November 5
October 31Absentee ballot applications must be received by the Board of Elections by this dateRequest an absentee ballot here
November 6Mail-in absentee ballots must be postmarked by this date
November 7Election DayPolls open 6:30am – 7:30pm
Remember to bring your photo ID
Absentee ballots walked into the Board of Elections must be received by 7:30pm