Delaware County Democratic Party Officers

Chair: Peg Watkins

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First Vice-Chair: Joydeep Gupta

Joydeep writes, “I draw lot of inspiration from President Obama’s saying – ‘Individuals who are committed to grassroots organizing can be the most powerful catalysts for change’ and now, more than ever, it’s so very important for all of us to be out in the community, get involved at the grassroots level, mobilize, organize, and advocate for meaningful change to make our communities a much better place for all of us, for our next generation and for generations to come. Thank you Delaware Democrats for re-electing me as your First Vice-Chair and for your continued faith & trust. I remain immensely grateful and hope to live up to the expectations.”

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Second Vice-Chair: Holly Hanson

Holly Hanson grew up in Circleville, went to The Ohio State University, and lived outside Ohio for many years before returning to the area to raise a family.

In the past, Holly has volunteered for many political campaigns. For the past year, she has been coordinating events for the party, such as the Tim Ryan dinner in 2021. She is a precinct representative and has been co-manager of the Orange region; helping to organize voters and pinpoint other precinct leaders. She continually meets with many current and potential community leaders and is constantly advocating for Democratic values.

Holly believes in the party’s primary focus and mission: to elect Democrats in Delaware County. She also is a huge voting advocate. “My mantra that I continually repeat is: Everything Relates Back To Voting. Every issue. Every piece of legislation. Every policy. Every leader. Change the leadership, and the problem becomes easier to solve.”

We are SO close to flipping this county Blue. Let’s continue this bold and essential journey together!

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Secretary: Corey McCaffery

A native Hoosier, Corey McCaffery-Constable settled in Delaware in 2014. He was a political science major at Hawai’i Pacific University and worked in the travel industry prior to moving to Delaware. He is now a manager at the Board of Elections and lives in the Northwest Neighborhood with his husband, Juan, and his dog, Zane.

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Treasurer: Lisa Saponaro

Lisa says, “Thank you for placing your confidence in me to serve as DCDP Treasurer. I am energized by the momentum this group has and I want to contribute to that. By taking on the Treasurer responsibilities so that we meet all of our cut-and-dry mandatory financial procedures, the rest of the group can focus on generating more interest and engagement for the Democratic Party and our dedicated candidates within our community.”

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