Misleading Ballot Language

No surprise here: the Ohio Ballot Board, chaired by Frank LaRose and dominated by abortion opponents, issued ballot language for the Reproductive Freedom amendment that is calculated to fire up the minority of Ohioans who oppose abortion rights.

The ballot language uses the phrase “unborn child” four times. That phrase does not appear in the actual amendment. The Ballot Board used it in an obvious attempt to support their view that abortion opponents are trying to “save lives.”

The ballot language does not mention contraception, fertility treatment, or miscarriage care, although they feature prominently in the actual amendment. 

In two places, the ballot language says the amendment would prevent “the citizens of the State of Ohio” from doing something, although the amendment is obviously aimed at preventing the state’s heavily-gerrymandered, out-of-touch, extremist legislators from taking away our rights.

Judge for yourself. The ballot language appears at the end of this Dispatch article. Compare that to the real amendment.