It’s a New Year!​

It’s a new year! 2024 is an important year for all Democrats, especially for our candidates running in local races. Most seats have been held by Republicans for decades, because they ran in uncontested races.

We have candidates! 

Tonya Griffith for county recorder 

Garrett Sohnly for county commissioner (against Gary Merrell)

You may also give today to the DCDP’s “State Candidates Fund.” Rachael Morocco is running for Ohio House District 60 against Brian Lorenz, who was appointed last year.

New district lines have moved many of us (including the city of Delaware) into OH 61, where Beth Lear is currently in office. Lear is an extremist with high ratings from book banners and the gun lobby. You can find a map of the most recent Ohio House Districts here. Our state fund is especially useful when we have a contested primary, since it does not require you to know who will be our nominee. Dave Hogan, a faculty member at Heidelberg University, and newcomer Christian Smith both are hoping to energize Democrats in Delaware County. Consider giving to this fund so we can put a stop to the GOP’s gerrymandered districts in Ohio. Our state’s General Assembly should represent the will of the people.

Thanks again for donating to the DCDP. Please consider making your gift recurring to either our General Fund or the State Candidates Fund. It’s easy! One-time or recurring donations can be made through our website. To donate by check, make it payable to DCDP and mail to P.O. Box 872, Delaware, OH 43015. Please note that if you wish to donate by check to EACH fund, you will need to write two separate checks.