Executive Committee Minutes – May 2021

Note:   We are continuing to hold our regular monthly business meetings in the Zoom process until further notice due to the current Coronavirus situation.

              Executive / Central Committee Meeting                 May 20, 2021

This evening’s meeting was opened at 7:08 pm.

Peg invited Parliamentarian Liz Osorio to remind us of the rules of order and that she can be reached via chat at any time during the meeting for any questions.

The American flag screen was posted for all to join Peg in saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

Old business

Secretary report –  Minutes from April meeting were posted to the website.  Secretary Barb Berry requested any questions or additions.  None voiced and motion to accept was requested.  Patrick Carle made the motion, seconded by Steve Schottel.  Majority approved, motion passed.

Barb also noted that our current membership number is 186, yet there still some that have not renewed for this year.

She also spoke regarding the proper procedure for referring anyone to be added to the Central Committee.  There is a form that must be filed in order for the secretary to keep accuracy reported to the Bd of Elections and also the Secretary of State.  Please comply if you have a referral, so that records are properly maintained.

Treasurer report –  Roo provided screen shot of the monthly report.  There were no questions, so Louise Douce made the motion to accept as viewed, seconded by Heather Karr.  Vote to accept was approved by a majority.  Report filed as viewed.

Roo also thanked the members of her Budget Review committee (Heather Karr, Heather Gonzales, Brian Jaffe, and John Schmarr) for the time and work on the plans going forward.  The main focus is to increase $$$ for candidate support in the future.  Roo reviewed the “plan” but noted that the details can be adjusted through the year as revenues/needs arise.  The motion to accept was made by Steve Schottel and Jenny Yoder seconded – majority approved and it was passed. 

Peg invited Anthony Saadey from the Bd of Elections to give any updates.  There will be no August election for our county.  Currently, any local filings are being accepted.  Peg reminded that before petitions are filed they should be carefully reviewed.  If they are not submitted correctly, the candidate will not be certified to the ballot.  

Chair’s report –  Peg noted that as our party continues to grow we are creating more committees, and Peg encourages involvement of all members with the desire to crossover the entire areas of the county, to diversify ethnically, and to utilize specialty skills. 

Peg noted that our new budget reflects more funds available to our priority of supporting our candidates.

The PROD committee continues developing, with more precincts represented and relationships being formed within those precincts.

We have a new fund raising chair, Holly Hanson.  She has good info to share.

Last summer the Focus Forward focused on Anti-Racism and more than a dozen people responded to volunteer and join the new committee now co-chaired by Jenny Yoder and Sarah Narayana.

Committee reports

Candidates and Campaigns – Joyce said that last week they interviewed Melanie Farkas.  The endorsements will be held until candidates have filed their paperwork.  The committee is open for any assistance needed.

Anti Racism  – Jenny Yoder noted their next meeting is scheduled on 5/24 for anyone interested in joining.  They have a listening tour planned and later on, a book club.

Communications –  Melanie didn’t have much to report, but stated that the new volunteers are doing a great job.

Fund raising –  Holly Hanson is excited to announce that she and Roo visited the Little Bear Country Club for a future event.  Good news is that the new owners (that also own Buckeye Htg & Cooling Co) are very strong Democrats.  She said save the date – August 5th for more info later.  No definite speaker is secured yet.

She also said she is checking for any planned parades, especially July 4th.  Heather affirmed that Powell is having their Memorial Day parade – Melanie will have a presence – and walkers are needed.

PROD  –  Jack Berlekamp reported that plans are to work with Vote Builder The main summer focus is to fill precinct vacancies.  It is critical to contest every race across the county – races that will be open will be determined.

Peg gave an update on ODP- that many staffing changes have been made, and a lot of financial changes also.  A new Communications Director was hired, as well as a new person in charge of Votebuilder.  The new Votebuilder person is cleaning up many aspects of that, and she needs another month to be able to provide training to local parties. ODP has contracted with the organization “Contest Every Race” to help identify candidates for every office this year.  Each party is being asked to review the list so that they do no target races where we already have candidates running.

Andre Washington, ODP Vice-Chair, emphasized that although changes too place, most persons were moved into other positions without unemployment.

Bylaws – this committee is still working on and no current report.

Guest Speakers

Dave Martin – {running for Sunbury Village/City Council this year} is a long time Sunbury member, shared his background and experiences.  He has held various trustee and council positions in Sunbury and remains so.

Louise Valentine – {former candidate for the Ohio State Senate), currently Deputy Director of LEADOhio.  She encourages anyone to consider running for an unopposed office.  

Roger VanSickle –(past Delaware Township Trustee)  having served 41 years, talked about his door to door campaigns that connected him with the electorate in his district. He emphasized the importance of listening to people and taking notes.

Future Events

6/17 – next CC mtg – hopefully returning to in-person, location yet to be confirmed, with guest speaker, Nan Whaley 

8/4 –  filing deadline for candidates

Comments –

Andre strongly encouraged attention to Ohio HB 294 – which takes away voting opportunity on the Monday prior to Election Day.  It suggest decreasing absent voting days from 30-2 and it promotes voter suppression.

Linda Diamond –  Please note that the next food drive will be held at Conger Elementary School on June 12 from 10:00 – 1:00 pm.   Any donations and volunteers are appreciated.

No further business.  Motion to adjourn made by Roo and seconded by Jonathan Chu.

Meeting closed.

These minutes have been reviewed and revised by Peg Watkins, Chair

Barbara Berry, Secretary