Executive Committee Minutes – Feb 2021

Note:  Until further notice, due to the current Coronavirus situation, we are continuing to hold our regular monthly business meetings in the Zoom process

              Executive / Central Committee Meeting       February 18, 2021

Prior to opening the meeting, Liz Osorio, Parliamentarian, reminded everyone about the process of Roberts’s Rules.  She reminded of the importance of order versus interruption.

Chair Peg Watkins opened the meeting at 7:05 pm and immediately requested a screen shot of the flag be posted and all present to join in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary report – She then asked the secretary to present the minutes.  Barb Berry stated last month’s minutes had been posted to the website for review.  Any changes, corrections/ additions were opened to the floor.  None offered a motion was accepted by Cara Posey to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Steve Schottel.  Majority voted and passed the motion.  

Treasurer’s report – Roo was not able to attend due to personal matter but she provided a report for the screen to view.  Peg provided details.   She asked for any questions and none were placed.  Motion to accept the report was made by Andre Washington, seconded by Ed Helvey.  Member vote passed by majority and it was accepted as provided.

New Business

Peg said our newly selected Chair of ODP, Liz Walters is expected to join our meeting as soon as she can. 

Vice-chair Aileen Wagner announced that she is submitting her resignation since she will be relocating to Franklin County.  She expressed deep appreciation and gratitude for the friends she has made and experiences she has been part of here in Delaware County.

Focus Forward in February was well attended and the Gazette noted it’s success.  Anyone interested in joining the anti-racism committee is encouraged.

Saturday the constitution committee will meeting to work on the by-laws of our party.  Bill Demora, from ODP will assist and advise as needed.

Peg noted that ODP will be offering a training on Vote Builder.

Peg noted that election for Aileen’s replacement will take place at the April 15th meeting. Anyone interested in being considered should contact Peg or the Communications Committee and begin campaigning.  A screen shot showed the process to do so.  Understand the position does require a female applicant.

Committee reports

Campaigns and Candidates – Joyce Bourgault again clarified the breakdown of three subcommittees and invited anyone interested to participate.  Let her know.

Jack Berlekamp said an information data sheet is being compiled to denote future office openings – He said to seek out active persons to consider ie: school boards, HOA members, business persons, etc.

Any direction can be offered through the Board of Elections and the website will provide additional info under the “Get Elected” section.

Robert Davis suggested we have a committee to assist educating the general public about the voting process and our party.  This could build relationships.  Ed Helvey stated that in the odd years, dozens of offices that have no filing sometimes end up filled through appointments.

Liz Walters joined the meeting and Peg, introduced her to the members. Liz thanked everyone for her support.  She also thanked our member, Andre Washington for his support to her and dedicated activism to the party. She hails from Summit County and is in her 5th week as Chair.  She talked about the ambitious plans for the party.  She said she has already been faced with some tough choices but it is for the future of the party.  There are priorities such as redistricting, getting Democrats elected from local levels and up.  WE are proud of 2018 wins like Sherrod Brown, and the margins we gained but it needs to grow statewide.  She commended Delaware County for our growth.  She advised three steps to becoming even more successful.  She advised – 1) organize – build voters early on 2) have accountability-  avoid the Republican corruption we have seen 3) partner with infrastructure – work together and reach out to labor and business.

Ohio has incredible opportunity in the future – let’s elect Dems to partner with Sherrod

Brown.  The 2022 Governor race is open and current Cincinnati mayor John Cronley has annoubnced his candidacy.  Our friend  Aftab Pureval, may consider the mayor position.

Liz opened the option of Q & A and she advised reaching out the local resources.  Andre thanked Liz for her efforts going forward and her kind words and mention of him.

Communication report – Melanie reviewed the “ladder plan” for the membership appeals.  In spite of a blip it has encouraged members to submit their remittances.   A slide showed the current stats.

Our new member Melissa Graham has stepped up to get us active on Twitter.  She is well versed and would like us to gain visibility on state and national levels.

PROD –  Pam and Judy have been working together and reorganized the regions.  This involved shuffling some of the mangers also.  A handbook of the Executive Committee is in revision and will list the precincts.

Peg mentioned the upcoming events.

She encouraged everyone to get involved in some way and search out potential candidates.

Andre made mention of two African American men he revered – Asa Phillip Randolph and Bayard Rustin.  He has great admiration for their legacies. 

Linda Diamond invited participation in a local food drive she and Judy Carpenter have been forming.  It will be a four-part series in various areas of Delaware City.  More information will be posted will details, dates and locations.  The first food drive will take place on Saturday 3/13 from 9-12 noon at Carlisle Elementary School.  Your support will be appreciated.

At 8:36 Melanie made the motion to close the meeting and it was seconded by Steve Schottel.  Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Berry, Sec