Executive Committee Meeting Minutes – September 2020

Note:  due to the continued Coronavirus situation, we are continuing to hold our regular monthly business meetings in the Zoom process.

Executive / Central Committee Meeting       September 17, 2020

Once again, Peg called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm, with approximately 49 attendees.  She began the meeting with our Pledge of Aleegienace, as the flag was viewed on the screen.

Peg stated that the Young Dems have selected new officers and Caleb Lohr was elected their president.  Congratulations to all of their new officers.

Old business

Secretary report  –  Minutes, as posted to the website from the July meeting, were called for any questions, corrections or comments.  None had and Melanie Farkas moved to accept the minutes, as posted.  Margo Bartlett seconded the motion.  Vote was taken and all approved.  Motion approved and passed. 

Treasurer’s report  –  Roo Dirrig showed, on screen, the status of our accounts, expenses and deposits.  Cara Posey made the motion to accept the report as shown, Mike Kabler seconded.   No questions voiced.  Vote was taken and majority approved.

Fund raising report – Julie Huston reported that the August fundraiser “Delaware Dems Got Talent” (done in lieu of our regular meeting) was a great success.  She stated that the income of $4280.00 with only $220.00 expenses, netted a profit of $3980.00.   She thanked everyone’s support both by donations and the great talent.

Chair’s report –  

Peg stated that there will not be a local Biden campaign headquarters, it will all be virtual.  There also won’t be any events.  Lit drops and signs are planned.  We have obtained and distributed nearly 2000 signs and expect about 700 more.  Peg graciously thanked Joyce Bourgault for driving to Toledo to get the signs from a company there.  Joyce has also been largely involved in planning locations for the Dem trailer to travel around the county.  It will be near OWU next week.

ODP has a mailer that will be mailed to all the registered Democrats in Delaware County.  Two mailings are planned, one in early October, the second, later for anyone noted to have not yet requested an absentee ballot or voted in person.

BOE report –  Anthony Saadey stated that nearly 40K applications have already been received and processed at the Board.  Training for new poll workers has started and seasoned poll workers have the ability to review with on line training videos.  Social distancing is being strongly emphasized.   Military and overseas ballots will be released in the mail tomorrow.  Sample ballots are now available to view on line.  Anthony fielded a number of questions as follows:  Andre – 1) regarding poll workers – do you have back-ups? 2) What percentage of ballot requests are Dems? 3) Would it a proactive roll to call persons that have requested their ballots to help insure prompt returns?

Anthony:  1) yes we have been getting many poll volunteers, including referrals from the SOS office, 2) this information can be found on our website which gets updated frequently-currently we are at 10696 Ds. 7940 Rs.

3) You can also check and track your ballot on our website.     Kathy Holdren: Will all ballots be sent out at one time?  Anthony: Yes – all those already requested will be released on Oct. 6, others as they come into our office and process.  Cheryl Luce:  What about drop boxes?  Anthony:  The SOS has overridden the court decision in that regard and only one box per county (88 in Ohio) is being permitted.  Mike Kabler:  When is the box emptied or does it ever fill to capacity?  Anthony:  We have installed a much larger box in the building rear and moved the smaller one to our lobby for walk-in convenience.  Both are emptied throughout the day, by a bi-partisan team.

Marianne Gable: Who can transport another person’s ballot?  Anthony: Only a family member can do so.

Peg then introduced a Guest Speaker David Pepper, ODP Party Chair.  David expressed thanks to Andre Washington for all he is doing to promote voting.  He spoke of the importance of us all to do whatever we can to encourage the vote.  He commended Delaware County Dems for all they have done to build the blue strength here among this red zone and change is visible.  He noted that the President & Vice-president are planning trips to northern Ohio this week and we must do all things possible to turn Ohio blue.

Then Peg welcomed Antoinette Miranda.  She is running, as an incumbent, for the State of Ohio Board of Education. She is a School Psychologist with 33 yrs experience at OSU.  She appreciates our support and endorsement.

Peg thanked the Candidate Support Committee led by Joyce Bourgault and Joydeep Gupta, which interviewed most of our local candidates, and evaluated all.  Joyce moved to endorse the full Democratic slate.  Heather Karr seconded.  The vote was passed by 47 yes votes.   Joyce also made a motion to provide financial support up to $2500 for door hangers for our two county commissioner candidates, Jacob Fathbruckner and Pamela Foster..  Aileen Wagner seconded and the vote passed as 43 members approved.

PROD report –  Pam commended all of the regional managers, as they are doing a great job.  Jack  Berlekamp moved to spend $2500. 

David Carpenter moved that the party  endorse the Delaware school levy.  It is a substitute levy not an increase.  Marian Jacques seconded the motion.  Passed by a majority vote.

Communications report – Melanie said the growth and continued improvements have been exciting.  She and Cara, together, build and manage our website, Facebook, and other communications,  updating them frequently.

Upcoming events were posted and it was noted that the third Thursday in October is, October 15, the same night as the second Presidential debate.  Therefore, Melanie made the motion to move our meeting to 

  Wednesday 10/14 – Mike Kabler seconded that motion and it was confirmed.

At 8:55pm, Melanie moved to adjourn the meeting and Heather Karr seconded.

Meeting adjourned,

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Berry, Secretary