Executive Committee Meeting Minutes – October 2020

Note:  Until further notice, due to the current Coronavirus situation, we are continuing to hold our regular monthly business meetings in the Zoom process. 

 Executive / Central Committee Meeting       October 14, 2020

The meeting was opened at 7:10 pm, with approximately 43 members in attendance, Peg requested the USA flag be posted to the screen and she led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.   

Secretary report –  Minutes from last month’s meeting were posted for review.  With no questions or comments, no changes were necessary.  Heather Karr made the motion to accept the minutes as written.  Melanie Farkas seconded.  All approved and motion passed.

Treasurer’s report –  Roo presented and reviewed her report and no questions or concerns were expressed.  Brian questioned what level of expenditures requires approval by the Executive Committee and Peg said that there is nothing spelled out in our current constitution and by-laws, but this matter could be addressed when we look into revising them after the election. Cheryl Luce made the motion to accept, Heather Karr seconded and all approved. Motion passed.

New business –   

Peg reported that the Biden campaign is playing it safe with the virus and will not be visiting Ohio.            ~  Kamala Harris will be in Cleveland but only the media will be attending.

~  On October 27, there will be a GOTV virtual rally, specific to Delaware County.

~  ODP is sending 5000 post it notes for distribution.

~  You are able to text 79229 to find your sample ballot in advance of going to vote

Bd of Elections report –  Anthony Saadey –  the Vote Center is doing great and record attendance is showing approximately 58,000 ballots via AVB mail and in office so far.   That is approximately 1/3 of the registered voters in Delaware County.  Approximately 70% of the registered Dems have already voted.

There are still opportunities for poll workers, contact Rob Katula.  He is also working on the poll worker training.  Barbara McBride asked about the ballot drop box.   There has not been any disorder in the parking lot. Poll watchers/observers must file a request with the BOE.  Only 1 observer per precinct is allowed and they cannot connect with voters at any time.

Anthony Yankus expressed very complimentary comments.

Pamela Foster questioned if ballots count that have been returned mixed up by spouses.  Yes they are.

Anthony said the media is permitted into the poll but must present their credentials to the VLM.

Candidate reports  –

Pamela Foster expressed deep appreciation to everyone that supported her in any way, postcards, signs, etc. She was especially grateful for the experience and said she learned a great deal. 

Peg thanked her for taking on the task to run.

Hannah Riddle, spokesperson for Alaina Shearer since she was at a town hall, thanked us for all we have done to help Alaina.  She invited to the Women’s March on Sat. 10/17 at the courthouse.

Rachel Morocco extended huge thanks for all the work to get out postcards, and lit drops.  More lit drops are scheduled as well as phone banks.  She shared that she recently was endorsed by Joe Biden.

Steve Mount expressed that running for office has been a great experience and was most exciting in Knox County.  Thanks for all the support. He requested to be added to Executive Committee and Melanie nominated him and Cara Posey seconded.  Motion passed.  He was sworn in as Rep for Genoa A, by DCDP Secretary Barb Berry.

Committee reports

Joyce Bourgault stated that the trailer was a huge success so far after 12 stops around the county and more planned this weekend.  She extended special thanks to Linda Diamond, Mary McGavick and her husband Mike, Sharon Emley and others that were able to able to help.  She thanked her husband Rich for all his work and support.  She said many great connections were made.  There are still some large Biden signs and yard signs available for anyone interested. She requested volunteers to help with distributing slate cards to voters at the BOE during vote center hours. Thanks to Donna Sinclair for assistance with making copies and Judy Carpenter for use of her porch for signs.

Caleb Lohr said he sent emails to the Young Dems to help with the slate cards. 

Communications –  Our posts have covered over 29K and have proven very successful.  Our website shows 84.6% increase in new visitors.  Cara Posey said the paid ads have been proven worthwhile and successful. She explained the demographics being targeted.

PROD –  Pam Warrick-Schkolnik & Cathi Kulik have done an amazing job with door hangers for the commissioner races.  Thanks to region managers, captains and reps for going over and above in all asks.

Peg expressed gratitude to Pam & Cathi for all their hard work and energy.

Campaigns – Joydeep Gupta said all is good with only 30 days to go.  Still much need for help with door hangers.  

Peg expressed big thanks going out to Donna Sinclair for handling the incoming phone calls and fielding them as needed.

Events have been posted for notation.

There is a Joe Biden Town Hall on ABC TV @ 8pm.

There was no further business or discussion.  A motion was made by Jonathan Chu to adjourn the meeting and Heather Karr seconded.  All in favor.  Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Barb Berry, Sec