Executive Committee Meeting Minutes – November 2020

Executive / Central Committee Meeting       November 17, 2020

Tonight’s meeting was opened by Peg at 7:07pm with approximately 61 attendees.

Emma M. Jones displayed her flag for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary report –  Minutes from last month’s meeting were delayed being posted to the website for review, so Peg requested that item be temporarily tabled until the next meeting.  There were no objections. Approved.

Treasurer’s report  –  Roo read the numbers from her report but screen shot was not available.  Due to the recent surge in funds our current balance is greater than usual.  Much of the recent income is deserved from the sales of signs, donations, etc.  Mindy Hedges requested that the treasurer’s report also be posted along with the minutes for review in advance of the monthly meetings. Brian questioned what funds were supportive of candidate campaigns.  Roo explained that monies were offered to the County Commissioner candidates – Jacob declined and Pam was grateful for the support she received.  She expressed appreciation and stated that she still has $$$ in her bank in case she were to consider another office run in the future.

Roo explained that expenses for the PROD program were for stamps, envelopes, etc. which were noted as approved in the September minutes.  David Carpenter expressed issue with the fact that at the end of this election cycle our funds exceed ever before.  Roo & Peg noted that there were donations from a saturation of Democrats that came forward from around the county, as never before.  Peg asked for a motion to accept the treasurer’s report – motion by Emma Jones and seconded by Mary Kate Pembroke.

Motion passed. 

Old business

Peg showed slides of the comparisons of the 2016 election result vs this election.  She noted that there was an impressive increase in Democrat voters, and looks to the future continuing the effort to turn Delaware County blue.

She also noted that in January our party will need to vote on our selection to serve on the  Board of Elections, since her four year term is up in 2021.  Peg would like to continue to serve on the Board, but if anyone else is interested, they can be nominated.

BOE report –  Chairman of the Board, Ed Helvey said the official reports for the Sec. of State have been signed and forwarded as required.  He expressed deep appreciation to the staff at the BOE for their professionalism and extreme consciousness during the long election process in this pandemic.  He commended them for being so mindful of the safety measures and concerns for the voting public.  Expressed pride in being part of and representative to such a responsible group of cooperative coworkers.

Candidate Support Committee – Joyce Bourgault stated that the committee has met and have reviewed the needs of the candidates for the future.  She said they intend to put together a “tool kit” and do training.        She encouraged anyone interested should consider running for an office.  There will be School board, trustee, and various opportunities.  If you know someone – encourage them.  The group is considering a time line for potential candidates, to assist them along the way.  

Peg expressed appreciation to Joyce for all she has done with the committee and the travel trailer during the campaigns.  It was a big success all around the county.

PROD  –  Pam Warrick-Schkolnik stated heartfelt thanks throughout this process.  The group made amazing progress in turning the county blue.  Very special thanks to everyone.  Cathi Kulik stated her same kudos to the regional managers, reps, etc.  She expressed that she will be transitioning beck to the project close to her heart – Moms Demand Action and Judy Carpenter will ease into her position. They are making a roadmap plan going forward into the future and plans for a budget.

By-laws/Constitution –  Peg asked anyone interested in assisting with the reviewing our By-laws and consitution- please contact her.

There will not be any holiday gatherings, and no December meeting.  The next meeting will be January 21.   

Be safe as you enjoy the holiday season.

New business –  

Brian Jaffe had two comments.  First, he stated that it would be helpful to have an agenda posted in advance of the meetings.  Two, posting the treasurer’s report could prepare for any possible discussion.

Cathi Kulik. asked for clarity about the Candidate Committee –  Joyce named those parties on the committee and the goals they pursue in the interest of assisting candidates and their needs.  She also noted that recruiting is everyone’s role.  Andre stated his support of the committee and says it is a good idea.  He also expressed that the near future is good planning but the further future is very important.  Louise Valentine, from past campaign experience, voiced her willingness to assist anyone. 

No further business was brought to the meeting at this time. 

Peg requested a motion to adjourn –  Motion by Cara Posey was seconded by Joe Diamond. 

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,   

Barb Berry