Executive Central Committee Meeting, September 29, 2022

Minutes of the Delaware County Democratic Party Executive Committee

Special Meeting

September 29, 2022

The meeting was convened by Chair Peg Watkins at 7:07 p.m. There were 55 participants, constituting a quorum.

Chair Watkins greeted the Executive Committee and explained the rules for conducting the meeting via Zoom. Parliamentarian Liz Osorio explained Roberts’ Rules of Order, and this information was also shown on a screen to those in attendance.

Guy Fisher led the committee in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Chair Watkins explained that we have a limited agenda for this special meeting and confirmed a quorum was met.

Chair Watkins explained the price breakdown to mail slate cards to registered voters through the Ohio Democratic Party:

  • Standard, with a Democratic Support Score between 80-100, constituting 13,155 households at $5,315.
  • Expanded, with a Democratic Support Score between 70-100, constituting 17,410 households at $6,549.
  • Expanded Plus, with a Democratic Support Score between 60-100, constituting 20,976 households at $7,583.


Chair Watkins introduced John Tannous, from the Ohio Democratic Party. Mr. Tannous explained that ODP is paying for an additional supply of these slate cards to be used for canvassing. ODP will also pay for a mailing to “chase” absentee ballot requests, based on absentee data that will be pulled daily. He explained that the Democratic Support Score is based on the likelihood a voter will vote for one party or another. 

Mr. Tannous explained that extra slate cards could be purchased for an additional charge of $0.13/each. Chair Watkins noted that these additional slate cards could be used at polling locations and provided at the office in downtown Delaware.

An inquiry was made in regard to the current status of the party’s bank account. Treasurer Saponaro informed the committee that the balance stood at $43,551. 

It was noted that the mailer is sent out every two years and it is especially important for judicial candidates when there is no party designated on the ballot.

It was expressed that the Expanded Plus option would be likely to encourage people to vote and would be the best option, as it would reach the most voters.

Mike Kabler moved to use the funds to send out slate cards at the Expanded Plus level and was seconded by Melanie Farkas.

Concern was expressed as to how long it would take to replenish the funds and it was recommended that the committee choose the standard level. It was argued that the committee raises money to elect Democrats, and thus, the money should be spent to do so.

Melanie Farkas called the question and the motion passed 49 – 1.

A proposal was set forth to double the amount. Mr. Tannous stated it was possible, though the Ohio Democratic Party does not go below a 50% Democratic Support Score.

Tamie Wilson moved to double the expenditure and was seconded by Emma Mirles-Jones. Ms. Jones asked to amend the amount to $15,000, which was accepted by Ms. Wilson.

Support was given to stick with the Ohio Democratic Party’s Expanded Plus figure, and it was argued there was inherent risk in spending money to turn out unaffiliated voters. It was argued that the party needs to target both Democrats and left-leaning independents. 

A proposal was set forth to send duplicate mailings, though it was argued doing so would be wasteful. Objection was raised to the notion of spending more money. 

Tony Yankus called the question. Tamie Wilson moved to expand the spending for the mailer to $15,000 to target Democrats and left-leaning independents with 55% and up Democratic Support Score. 

Mr. Tannous stated he would need to talk to the vendor and recommended authorizing the chair to work with ODP to expand the mailer.

Ms. Wilson amended her motion, authorizing the chair to work with ODP to expand the universe to include Democrats and Independents and to raise the total budget up to $15,000. The motion passed 27 – 22.

Suzanne Binau moved to add 3,000 additional pieces at $390 and was seconded by Melanie Farkas. It was explained that these items would be used to distribute at events, use in the office, or pass out while canvassing.

Joyce Bourgault offered a friendly amendment to raise the total to 4,000 pieces at $520. Ms. Binau accepted the friendly amendment.

Richard Bradley called the question and the motion passed 46 – 1.

Chair Watkins explained the nature of the Delaware City Schools levy and its necessity for the district.

Melanie Farkas moved to endorse the levy and was seconded by Emma Mirles-Jones. The motion passed 46 – 1.

Chair Watkins explained the nature of the SourcePoint levy renewal. 

Roo Dirrig moved to endorse the SourcePoint levy renewal and was seconded by Heather Karr. The motion passed 48 – 1.

Chair Watkins introduced a proposed amendment to the party’s constitution and bylaws to reduce the number needed for quorum from 40% to 25%. It was explained that the former Parliamentarian at the Ohio Democratic Party had required us to set the level at 40%, but staffing at ODP had changed. It was agreed that 25% was appropriate.

It was noted that the previous Parliamentarian for the Ohio Democratic Party had vetoed other proposed changes in the constitution. It was proposed that, if an individual does not attend executive committee meetings, they lose their status on the committee, thereby lowering the quorum.

Suzanne Binau moved to accept the proposed change to allow 25% of executive committee members to constitute a quorum and was seconded by Heather Karr.

Rayna Patton called the question. The motion passed 43 – 7.

Melanie Farkas moved to adjourn the meeting and was seconded by Richard Bradley. Finding no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:37 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Corey McCaffery, Secretary