Executive Central Committee Meeting, November 17, 2022

Minutes of the Delaware County Democratic Party Executive Committe

Regular Meeting

November 17, 2022

The meeting was convened by Chair Peg Watkins at 7:02 p.m. There were 54 participants, constituting a quorum.

Chair Watkins greeted the Executive Committee and asked Tamie Wilson to lead the group in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Chair Watkins asked the committee for any revisions to the October meeting minutes. It was noted that the attendance total was not recorded and the minutes would need to be amended to reflect as much.

Tony Yankus moved to approve the October meeting minutes as amended and was seconded by Suzanne Binau. The motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer Saponaro gave the Treasurer’s Report, explaining that, even with the large expenditure for mailers and slate cards in the previous month, the committee was still under budget. She noted that recurring donations were down from 63 at the beginning of the year to 53 at present. She explained that current spending stands at around $1,100 monthly, while around $900 in donations were coming in.

Treasurer Saponaro was asked the total charge by ActBlue per donation and it was stated the charge was around 3.96%. 

Chair Watkins informed the committee that proposals for committee budgets should be sent to Treasurer Saponaro, as she was working on the budget for 2023.

Chandler White moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report and was seconded by Joe Diamond. The motion passed unanimously.

Chair Watkins introduced the candidates in attendance and thanked them for running. She stated the party was making progress and it takes time to make change. She commended Heather Swiger, Vera Thornhill, and Tiffany Bukoffsky for running, as it can be daunting to run for office as a Democrat in a Republican county.

Vice Chair Hanson presented awards to the committee:

  • The Born Again award was presented to Guy Fisher for changing party affiliation
  • The Heavy Lifter award was presented to Rich Bourgault for his service in helping clear out the storage unit
  • The Host & Hostess With the Mostest award was presented to Joyce Bourgault and Brad Shimp and Cathy Bregar for their efforts in hosting events and staging for canvassing
  • The Sign of the Times award was presented to Tracy Wisard, Stacey Neff, Mindy Hedges, Andrea Yagoda, and Guy Fisher for their efforts in distributing campaign signs

Chair Watkins thanked the members who assisted in the downtown office, including Suzanne Binau and Sharon Emley, who led the effort.

Chandler and Dylan White, Julie Houston, James Sipek, Caleb Lohr, Cheryl Luce, and Pat Meter were thanked for assisting in First Friday events.

Chair Watkins encouraged committee members to get involved in the committees within the party and explained that 2023 races would involve almost entirely nonpartisan races. She further explained that a ballot measure to clean up redistricting would appear in 2023 and that the Ohio Democratic Party could not lead the effort, so as to keep the issue nonpartisan. 

Chair Watkins stated that we were disappointed that our candidates did not win in the November General Election but our candidates got a higher share of the votes in Delaware County than previously. She noted that 82 of the 92 precincts within the 60th House District had undervotes in the triple digits, including two precincts with more undervotes than votes for Kris Jordan.

Chair Watkins informed the committee that PROD would be renamed to RAPID—Regions and Precincts in Development.

Chair Watkins encouraged committee members to attend the Holiday Party at All Shepherds Church from 3 – 5 PM on December 10th.

Chair Watkins explained that the Candidate Support Committee would meet via Zoom on December 1st and encouraged members to contact Joyce Bourgault for more information.

Chair Watkins encouraged members to be proactive in the Big Walnut and Buckeye Valley school districts in order to reshape the school boards. It was noted that board members in the districts have keys to classrooms and have begun censoring books. It was further stated that candidates for those races would need money and support. Chair Watkins noted that next year’s races were local, so the party could contribute to campaigns. 

Tamie Wilson thanked everyone for their support and stated her intention to run for office again; she explained she was starting to fundraise for the effort. She stated she learned a lot in the process and had a strategy to win.

Louise Valentine reminded the committee that the Lead Ohio Academy was available to anyone who intends to run in 2023 and attending was an expectation in order to receive an endorsement. 

Ms. Valentine thanked everyone for their support for her campaign and expressed gratitude for receiving 45% of the vote in Delaware County. She explained that Tim Ryan’s candidacy led to most individuals contributing directly to his campaign, leaving a lack of support for other candidates. She stated she was $2,086.38 short on her campaign’s budget and asked the committee for assistance in covering the funds.

Finding support from the committee, Ms. Valentine moved to pay $2,086.38 to the Ohio Democratic Party, to be earmarked for the payment of her campaign manager. Ms. Valentine was seconded by Tamie Wilson and the motion passed unanimously, with Doug Babcock abstaining from the motion.

Treasurer Saponaro encouraged members to also contribute directly to Ms. Valentine’s campaign.

Chair Watkins shared literature on messaging with the committee and encouraged them to read further on the matter.

Finding no further business, Chandler White moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:04 and was seconded by Tamie Wilson. The motion passed unanimously.