Executive Central Committee Meeting, March 21, 2024

The Delaware County Democratic Party met on March 21, 2024 at Delaware Township Hall. Present in the meeting were 53 individuals, 44 of whom were members of Executive Committee, constituting a quorum. Chair Watkins called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.

Molly Yankus led the committee in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Meeting Minutes

Chair Watkins asked for any amendments or corrections to the February meeting minutes and found none.

Joe Diamond moved to approve the minutes from the February meeting and was seconded by Roo Dirrig. The motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Saponaro informed the committee the month of February was quiet, with 16% of the year having passed and only 2% of the budget spent. She noted the average monthly income was roughly $2,000 and stated the end of February saw $33,403.03 in the committee’s accounts, including the CD.

Treasurer Saponaro highlighted the expense related to the committee’s storage unit and explained the deposit for use of the township hall was kept in the previous month. Chair Watkins asked the committee to sweep and mop if necessary at the end of the meeting in order to avoid losing the deposit in the future.

Tony Yankus moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report and was seconded by Roger Van Sickle. The motion passed unanimously.


Chair Watkins informed the committee the Catch a Rising Star event would be held April 12, with Sherrod Brown in attendance. She stated a location was reserved but could not be revealed due to security, and explained half of the tickets were already sold. She encouraged committee members to reserve their spot on the website or via email and stated a check could be issued to Treasurer Saponaro to avoid ActBlue fees.

It was noted a registration was required to attend due to security and the committee was informed an individual could donate more than the $100 ticket price. Treasurer Saponaro encouraged any attendees who purchased more than one ticket to reach out, as all attendees would need to be present on the guest list.

Election Results

Chair Watkins congratulated the winners of the various races in the March primary held earlier in the week. She commended the 73 individuals elected to their precinct’s Central Committee seat and recognized the elected officials in attendance.

Chair Watkins noted the date for the reorganizational meeting may need to be changed, depending on the outcome of races on the Republican Central Committee side.

Secretary McCaffery informed the committee there were two races within 0.5% margin that would require an automatic recount, so final certification could potentially be delayed.

Candidate Support Committee

Joyce Bourgault informed the committee any candidates who would appear on the November ballot should expect to see a questionnaire arriving shortly.

Rachael Morocco informed the committee her campaign was going well and she held a successful campaign launch. She stated she would need assistance writing postcards to be mailed out in the fall and encouraged attendees to visit her updated website.

David Hogan addresse the committee, explaining he was running for Ohio House in the 61st District. He congratulated his opponent, Christian Smith, on his campaign and encouraged Mr. Smith to continue his activism.

Mr. Hogan reminded the committee a state income tax credit could be received for $50/person or $100/household if a donation is made to a state candidate. Mr. Hogan stated he was running against Beth Lear, a candidate who was already mobilized. He encouraged committee members to donate and canvass door to door, as Representative Lear was a dangerous candidate with views and opinions opposite of everyone in the room. He further noted Representative Lear was in attendance at the January 6, 2021 insurrection rally.

Joyce Bourgault encouraged committee members to donate to the state candidate fund and asked for assistance in locating the 4’ x 8’ sign frames. She further stated she was looking for volunteers in the various regions and noted thee was much work to be done.

Mrs. Bourgault informed the committee the party’s trailer would be utilized over the summer and requested help finding locations to park.

Reorganizational Meeting

Chair Watkins informed the committee the reorganizational meeting was scheduled for April 11 at Berlin Township Hall, though it could be delayed due to recounts in the Republican Central Committee races. She explained a notice would be sent out and posted at the Board of Elections by Secretary McCaffery five days in advance of the meeting.

Chair Watkins noted if a recount was necessary before the board of elections could certify the results, the meeting would be held on April 18 at Delaware Township Hall.

Chair Watkins reminded the committee the party reorganizes every two years and Central Committee members, as well as party officers, would be elected.

Chair Watkins explained she planned to run for Chair, Vice Chairs Hanson and Gupta would run for reelection, Treasurer Saponaro would seek another term, and Jenny Yoder would run for Secretary.

Chair Watkins explained the work was tantamount to a real job, though it was not paid, encouraged anyone interested in joining Executive Committee to reach out.


Chair Watkins informed the committee a meeting with regional captains was held via Zoom on March 17 and that petitions for redistricting were available.

First & Fourth Friday

Chair Watkins encouraged anyone interested in volunteering for First Friday in Delaware or Fourth Friday in Westerville to reach out to Pat Meter and Steve Schottel, respectively.

It was noted an event would be held April 3 at Yabo’s Tacos for members of the Columbus/Orange/Berlin region.

Communications Update

Don Swartwout thanked Jessica Parent for stepping up to produce holiday posts for the party’s social media accounts. 

Mr. Swartwout informed the committee a sound system was owned, though someone was needed to bring it to and from meetings. He further encouraged anyone who did not receive an email about the Sherrod Brown event to reach out for more information and a link to register.

Upcoming Events

Chair Watkins informed the committee petition signing events would be held and were available through Mobilize.

A question was raised whether the party had looked into sponsoring a rain barrel for the Olentangy Water Festival and it was decided the event would be looked into.

Chair Watkins reminded the committee they were responsible for a stretch of roadway on Polaris Parkway and a cleanup should be scheduled.

Chair Watkins explained campaign signs were coming and donations would be requested in exchange. She further noted the committee was getting a banner with the six statewide candidates and three Supreme Court candidates.

Mrs. Bourgault explained the Roe organization requested any elected official to not display a yard sign, as they hoped to avoid partisan optics. In a similar vein, Chair Watkins reminded committee members to avoid bringing partisanship into the League of Women Voters.

Finding no further business, Joe Bjorkman moved to adjourn the meeting and was seconded by Roo Dirrig. The motion passed unanimously.