The Ohio Democratic Party has contracted with the organization “Contest Every Race” to help identify Democratic candidates for our local races this year. Their first step in this process was to compile lists of all races throughout the state that are on the ballot this fall. County Chairs have had the opportunity to “de target” those we know about, for example, Melanie Farkas in Liberty Township and Dave Martin in Sunbury. 

CER will then send short text messages to all Democrats by precinct to identify prospective candidates about their interest in running for office. If they get a yes, they follow up with more texts (up to 20) to recruit.

CER was started 3 years ago, and they have had over 50% success in winning races with candidates they have recruited. In addition, they have found that having any Democratic candidate on the ballot: 

Soon, DCDP party officers will have the opportunity to interview any new prospective candidates that CER identifies for us. After that, these candidates will work with our Candidate Support Committee to help them on the path to candidacy. The work of CER is a supplement to what we are doing, it doesn’t replace our efforts to find candidates. If you or anyone you know is interested in running for a local office this year, please reach out to Joyce Bourgault at (614) 778-0153 OR