Central Committee Meeting Minutes – September 2018

Today’s meeting opened at 7:39 pm at party headquarters with 54 members and 8 guests signed in on attendance sheets.  However, additional persons joined the group after the meeting began, without signing in.

Chair Peg called to order and Robert Davis, CC member was invited to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes from the last meeting were posted, reviewed and approved after a motion to accept was made by Lee Lybarger and seconded by Barb McBride. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report- copies provided by John Schmarr posted expenditures and income for review.  Motion was made to accept it as read by Greg Hankins and seconded by Spencer Dirrig.

Guest speaker, Colleen Lowery from ODP spoke and showed screen shots about the continued drive to elect Sherrod Brown, continue down the slate state wide, elect Kathleen Clyde, Congressional candidates, and work hard to turn over House district seats.  Sherrod is currently carrying well in the polls, but Cordray’s race is very tight.  She mentioned other side recognizes the hard work we have done so far, but we must continue.  (She broke away briefly when Danny O’Connor arrived to address the group.)  When she returned to the floor she emphasized the Democratic message – Democrats put people first!  We want leaders we can trust!    She also explained about the various mailers which will target women, smaller counties, and select voter disciplines.  Focus on churches, minorities, barbershops, etc. with a goal to increase overall turnout at least 3% and shrink losses, especially in the more rural areas and smaller counties across the state.  She showed pictures of a bus that will canvas across the state and make appearances at any events upon special requests, based on scheduling.

Danny O’Connor greeted everyone and expressed deep appreciation for the huge efforts put forth in the August election.  His enthusiasm has not diminished and he said he was glad to be back with us again, this time more driven.  The loss was only by a few votes and he is confident it can be done this time.  Keep going – keep fighting was his message.  He said ‘You are the people I will fight for’. We can send a message- not as a community, not as a state, but as a country! Our fight is not yet over! When you are mad- make sure your voice is heard- VOTE!  Thank you very much.

Greg Hankins reminded about the Delaware County Fair and needs about 70 time slots filled to cover the entire time.  He still has some openings and would appreciate any volunteers.

Nancy Cline was appointed to fill the Precinct 1D, after motion was made by Ed Helvey and seconded by Spencer Dirrig.

CandidatesLouise Valentine said there are only 54 more days before election and we still need                                                                                                    canvassing, postcard writing, phone calls, door hangers and yard signs put up.  Just an FYI update *the Koch brothers are expected and we have no fear!  They are the ones worried.

                      Cory Hoffman – he has been endorsed by the Teamsters.  He is planning a fundraiser on Sun Oct. 14th possibly at the Township hall.  He said he appreciates all the efforts from everyone and said he feels like he has a great team – we’re in the 4th quarter – let’s just finish this!

                      Kate Tate – although she only covers a portion of our county, she appreciates the help she has had.  She asked for any questions from the group in an effort to be prepared for what she can pursue to assist her voter followers.  She brought door hangers for anyone able to assist with those.

                     Aileen Wagner & Indu Rajan are working jointly on their campaigns and have cards, and literature available.  Events are planned at different locations especially for card signing and canvassing.  Yard signs are expected soon.  Together they requested some party financial support.  Their request was for $400 supplies, $70 for labels, $1500 for advertising for a total of $1970.00.  Peg requested a motion to allow the disbursement and Susan Binau did so and Heather Karr seconded. Motion passed.

Chair report – Peg noted that a variety of yard signs are available at no cost and encouraged they be taken.  She stressed it is time for new leadership in Delaware. She is also pleased and feeling good about the Regions as they are developing.  She stated that there are currently 110 precincts with reps and that is up from previous 50, in 2016.   Membership is currently at a high of 262 and we welcome any new members.

John(Jack) Berlekamp took the floor to mention he will be having a mixer for his region (Orange).

Mallorie Watts, working with the Young Dems, is working hard at OWU

David Carpenter spoke to the group stressing everyone to be active and attend events, do whatever possible to encourage others to vote. He showed a sample of his postcards.  Please volunteer.  We can do this- if everyone does their part.  We must remember why we care.

Meeting came to a close – motion by Abby Metheny and seconded by Carol Young.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Berry