Central Committee Meeting Minutes – October 2019

Tonight’s meeting was opened at 7:39 pm and Peg requested the Pledge of Allegiance be led for us by Pam Warrick.

Peg then stated that we have a few moments of silence in honor of the recent passing of Rep. Elijah Cummings.

Secretary’s report  –  the report from last month was posted for review and a motion to accept as written was made by Greg Hankins and seconded by Steve Schottel.  All approved and the motion was carried.

Treasurer’s report  –  John highlighted the report which was provided on the back of the agenda page and reviewed the ODP dinner attendance.  Appearances were that the group was considerably smaller and our group showed the same.  Lee Lybarger moved to accept John’s report and it was seconded by KK Kuck.  All approved and motion carried.

At this time, Peg stated that an oversight at last month’s meeting failed to mention that we have additionally endorsed candidate Sandi Allen for Dublin City Council.

Eric Mumper has attended 3 meetings and Peg asked him to come forward and be sworn in as a new Central Committee member in Ward 4F.  Marianne Gabel made the motion and Tony Yankus seconded.  No opposition.

Peg reminded all Central Committee reps to file their renewal forms.  Deadline to follow is 12/18  Applications are available – please see Barb Berry.  If completed tonight, she will hand carry to the BOE tomorrow.   Please consider and renew as soon as possible.

Peg brought and circulated petitions for Ohio Supreme Court Justices Jen Brunner and John O’Donnell. 

There was brief discussion regarding HB6 (re: Universal background checks).  There are paid circulators around and some are located at the area libraries and the YMCA have them available for signing.

Chair’s Reports –  Peg reported that the ODP dinner did have a smaller attendance and some of the Presidential candidates that were in town for the National debate were in attendance.                                                                                      The much anticipated National debate was held in Westerville this past Tuesday evening at Ottebein University.  A few OWU students that were able to attend spoke and gave their opinions on the experience.  Both girls, Alexis Green and Danielle Black spoke about what it meant to them.  One exclaimed she was ‘speechless’ and thrilled.                                         

Peg offered Melanie Farkas a few moments to address the room.  Melanie & Heather have released a comprehensive plan that is message driven but both still could use financial help and canvassing.   Emma Jones also spoke briefly and requested door knocker assistance and help with literature expenses.  She said ‘nothing beats winning like winning’!  Peg called upon Anthony Saaday from the Bd of Elections with regard to the voter purge.  He said it has taken place and there are safeguards in place that prevent error purges.

Ed Helvey stated that any persons interested in being considered as delegates for the national convention must register with ODP prior to 12/31.  There will be 2 men and 2 women (4 delegates + 1 alternate) sent.   This (Willis) building has been reserved for January 7 to select the delegates. 

Another Candidate picnic is planned for October 27 – please try to join.  See events for details.

Our next CC mtg will be held November 21.

Peg, then introduced Barb McBride whose ADHOC Facilities Committee was here to report on their findings regarding our office.  Since her recent eye surgery, Peg was feeling slightly ill and faint so excused herself out of the room.  Barb McBride stated that her committee (Joe Diamond, Sharon Emly, Mindy Hedges) had visited numerous sites both in the city proper and other sites around the county.  Although everyone agreed that our current office presents difficulty for many due to the stairs, the main concern voiced was cost factors.  The group was reminded that for many years our office was provided through the generosity of Margaret Jones, a party supporter and there is a sentimental attachment to it.  However, she has since passed and we are now obligated to the new owner.  Our lease is set for renewal and terms of the new lease will increase yearly over the lease term.  We currently struggle to meet the current cost and the major concern is to incur an expense beyond our affordability in any other location.  Mindy promptly requested speaker time and read a lengthy letter of her comments and opinion. She has presented a possible future location which has brought various concerns to the table.  A power point was presented denoting the pros and cons of relocating to the location she has presented us with.   Soon many others requested the floor and various sides of opinions were voiced.  Mindy also presented letters from persons that she wanted entered into the minutes.  They have been noted and are on file for review along with a signed petition from Theresa Spaulding with names of others. As persons, expressed their thoughts, it became heavily involved and the atmosphere became highly volatile. The meeting temperament was getting difficult and everyone was discontent.  Finally, Vice-chair Julie Huston tried to regain some semblance of order so that we could bring the meeting to a close.  She asked for a motion to close – John Schmarr made that motion and it was seconded by Emma Jones.    Some conversations continued but the room finally cleared.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Berry