Central Committee Meeting Minutes – June 2019

The meeting was called to order by Peg Watkins at 7:42pm, at the Willis Center.  The sign in sheets reflect 43 persons attending tonight.

Jim Nugent was requested to lead our group in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary report  – As per usual, minutes from last month’s meeting were posted on the website for member review. No changes made.  Motion to accept the minutes as written by the secretary was made by Brad Shimp and seconded by Joe Diamond. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report – John Schmarr explained the report that was posted on the back of the agenda.  No additions or changes and Bruce Burnworth made a motion to accept it and Emma Jones seconded.  Motion approved and carried.

There were no additions present to add to the Committee.

Chair’s report  –  Peg reviewed a number of matters she has been busy with.                                                                         

She recently attended the Secretary of State Conference which covered Cyber Security issues at elections and the matter of voter purges.   (Fight the Purge)                                                                                           

She will be meeting soon with other County chairs according to ODCCA regions plans as soon as it can coordinated with the other area chairs.

She stated that since Aileen is involved in her campaign, she has requested Jay Gupta to cover Campaigns & Candidates committee. He has graciously agreed.

She is also trying to build plans for the Delaware regional groups to meet.

The BOE is planning a presentation in September, with Sam Kindred, one of our CC members, contracted to speak on security to Delaware County.  He is a nationally recognized expert in this field and has agreed to make a presentation to our group in September also.                                                                                                   

She will, later, announce a new challenge to help defray our expenses, ie the rent, utilities, etc.

Fund raising  –  Julie has been very busy with plans for the CARS event.  She has announced that we have secured 2 special guest speakers, Dr. Beth Liston, a Dublin resident that has recently been elected as Rep. in House District 21 and Rhine McLin, Vice chair of ODP and past Mayor of Dayton.  She also requested anyone that could aid in securing items for the silent auction.  Then Peg addressed the group with her challenge.  She invited anyone to match her $500 donation, or reach out to people to help with large commitments.   Andre Washington has offered to sponsor 3-4 youth tickets and he will make contact with some of the unions.  Julie asked for a show of hands from anyone that plans to attend the event.

Campaigns & Candidates  –  Jay related that he has been busy assisting our 2019 candidates with their efforts and encouraged anyone to help support them.  He also is continuing in the efforts to get more persons interested in considering running for office.  There was also some mention of the Dems that are not currently connected to the party here.  Possible to reach out to them, however groups such as the Progressives and the Indivisibles prefer to remain politically neutral voices for the purpose of media visibility, although supportive.

Other business –  Lee Lybarger said his work on the history of the party is coming along pretty well but he would welcome some assistance on some computer work since he isn’t skilled with that.

Ed Helvey explained the process for determining delegates for the caucuses.  All of the Ohio caucuses are held at the same time, January 7th.  There will be 6 from the U.S. House District 12 selected.

Emma Jones introduced her intern Serena.  They are looking for help with the parades and need about 30 volunteers.

Pam Schkolnick is hosting a watch party for the debate at her home and invited anyone interested.

Peg asked for any further discussions.  None offered.

Lee Lybarger made a motion to close the meeting and German Vargas seconded.  Meeting closed.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Berry