Central Committee Meeting Minutes – January 2020

Tonight’s meeting was attended at the SWCI Community Center, at 55 Ross St., in Delaware.  The Chair opened the meeting at 7:35pm with the Pledge of Allegiance. Attendance sheets reflect 58 signed in   members and 8 guests.

Peg announced that, in the future, meetings will occasionally be held at different locations in an effort to increase visibility and attendance around the county.

Peg then recognized and voiced congratulations to new Delaware City Council member Cory Hoffman.

Melanie Farkas asked to read a recent acknowledgment of our Chair Peg.  She was also pictured in the Gazette for having been awarded the large county Chair of the year from ODP.

Old business – The attention immediately turned to the adjustment of the October and November record of the minutes.  David Carpenter read his message as follows:  “I would like to have the minutes of the October 17, 2019 Executive Committee meeting amended {as sent by email to the Secretary on Nov. 18th to add:  “The Chair announced that she would be making the decision about the office location on her own (without a vote of the Executive Committee).”   Further, he requested “The 1st Vice Chair was not notified by the Chair when she removed herself from the meeting by leaving the room.”   His note stated that the 1st Vice Chair should preside in the absence of the Chair according to Robert’s Rules of Order 11th Edition, Chapter 15, p452 lines 4-16.  A motion was made by Judy Carpenter to amend the record.  As the discussion became very boisterous and confusing, Ed Helvey suggested that only persons that attended the October meeting be requested to stand and, by raise of hands, show to agree or disagree on the motion.  Then Peg stated that David’s request should be broken down into two separate motions. Many comments were expressed on both sides.  Then part one was agreed to mark change and the second part was declined and defeated.  The motion was made by Coe Huckabee and 2nd by Mindy Hedges for the changes to be made.  Motion was carried.

Then Marian Jacques requested changes made to the November minutes as follows: “The Party Chair stated that the Executive Committee would be given another opportunity to vote on the 92 N Sandusky St. location to be used for the Delaware County Democratic Headquarters, and that she would be giving us a minimum of 7 days written notice prior to this vote being taken, in person, by the Executive Committee..”  This prompted additional extensive opinions expressed.  The secretary was requested to read aloud the segment relating to this from the November minutes.  Barb also strongly expressed that she records the minutes of every meeting and is committed to recording what takes place without bias or personal opinions.  The November minutes were taken by Donna Sinclair in the absence of Barb. After the review, a motion for the request for change was made by German Vargas and 2nd by Rayna Patton to decline the revision.  Motion carried.  No changes will be made to the November record on this request.

New business – After the recent resignation of the 1st Vice Chair, Peg requested any nominations to fill the remaining term.  Judy Carpenter nominated Brian Jaffe and spoke a few words about his involvement in party activity.  David Carpenter 2nd the nomination.   Donna Sinclair nominated Joydeep Gupta and it was 2nd by  Julie Houston.  No additional nominations were offered so Ed Helvey made a motion to close nominations and Emma Jones 2nd.   Peg requested both Brian and Joydeep to come forward and reflect on their involvements.  Joydeep spoke first, then Brian.  Before the vote took place, much to the surprise of many, Brian then rescinded his nomination and directed everyone to support Joydeep.  Joydeep was announced as the                new 1st vice chair.

Treasurer’s report – John reviewed the report which was printed on the back of the agenda.  Mindy made a motion to accept and Emma 2nd.  No comments, all favored.

Campaigns & Candidates  –   Joydeep reported on the Democratic candidates currently running for the following offices –  Rachael Morroco, Dist. 67; Crystal Lett, Dist. 16; Steve Mount, Dist. 68;  Alaina Shearer & Jenny Bell, 12th US Congress; John Hartman & Jacob Fathbruckner, for County Commissioner.   Reminders were on tables for the 2 commissioner offices – pay close attention to the term dates for each candidate as you are voting.  Some of the attending candidates spoke briefly about their request for consideration and support as the campaign season gets more active.  There were also two field reps from the Bloomberg campaign making themselves available for support.

Peg mentioned that applications are still open for the position at the Bd of Elections, for declared Democratic applicants only.  She also indicated that Amy Murphy is still looking for election day poll workers.

Peg then introduced the re-organized Communications committee.  Melanie Farkas & Cara Posey have agreed to jointly co-chair.   They are building a committee and hope to get interested persons engaged.

Peg then asked Barb McBride to speak regarding the ad hoc committee and their findings with regard to a new location for headquarters. After the previous findings, a new committee is being formed and will reconvene Feb. 9th to investigate possibilities as we go forward in the future.  (Note: we currently have no physical office and possessions are in storage until further notice.)

Julie Huston is actively pursuing another movie showing at the Strand Theater.  She is hoping to hear back about the movie “Harriett” – a story about the courage of Harriett Tubman.  She will know pretty soon.

Mindy took the floor and invited everyone to join the Delaware Women’s March, which will take place this Saturday (18th) and they expect a good turnout in spite of the predicted weather issues.  Candidates are planning to attend and speak.  Mindy also mentioned that the League of Women’s Voters is planning a movie showing at the Strand.

Peg reminded about the MLK breakfast on Monday morning.  John Schmarr said there was one remaining ticket available.  Then Steve Schottle offered his paid ticker for anyone interested since he will not be able to attend.

Peg recognized Holly Hanson in attendance representing the Olentangy School issue on the ballot.

No further business or discussion.  Motion to adjourn was made by Suzanne Binau and 2nd Joe Diamond.

Respectfully submitted,

Barb Berry, Sec.