Central Committee Meeting Minutes – January 2019

On January 17, 2019 our meeting was called to order at 7:38 pm., by chair Peg Watkins.

 Let the sign-in sheets reflect 38 members, 2 guests and Bill DeMora from ODP in attendance.

Peg called upon Emma Mirles-Jones to lead the group for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary report  Peg then asked for review of the previous month’s (November) Secretary minutes.  The December meeting was replaced by our holiday gathering at Ohio Wesleyan.  The motion was made by Emma Mirles-Jones to accept those minutes as written and reflected on the website.  Motion seconded by Sam Kindred.  All approved.

Treasurer report   John Schmarr provided a report which included the 2019 budget and explained his analysis of the numbers.   With no objections posed David Simmons made the motion to accept the monthly report, Tony Yankus seconded.  All approved.  Then Suzanne Binau, made a motion to accept the 2019 budget as presented  and Tony Yankus, seconded, as he commented credit to John for his work done.  All members approved it.

Peg asked for nominations from the floor for any members that have attended 3 or more meetings to be added to the At-large reps.   Mindy Hedges nominated Denise McCandless, then Tony Yankus nominated both Joydeep Gupta and Molly Yankus.  Tony made the motion to close nominations, German Vargas seconded.  All were in favor and Peg proceeded to administer the Oath of Office to those three.    Other persons eligible were not in attendance and will be addressed in the future.

Next business at hand was for the membership to offer nominations for the soon to expire term on the Delaware County Board of Elections Board.  This position is currently held by Ed Helvey and he has asked to be considered for reappointment.  No other requests came to the table.  

First vice-chair David Carpenter has requested a new procedure to be implemented in the future for anyone to provide a brief overview of their intentions as they request our support to their candidacy for any position. That said, he requested Ed Helvey come to the front and provide a brief history of his experience and desires for the future of the party.  Ed, first expressed thanks and appreciation for everyone that has supported him along the way.  He provided his background being born a Democrat, actions as a lobbyist for 20 yrs. and his stand at collective bargaining and worker’s rights protection along with the desire to see through the use of new voting machines soon to be taking place at the BOE.   Tony Yankus made a motion to accept Ed and the motion was seconded.  However, although ballots had already been dispensed to eligible members, the ballot vote was not necessary according to Bill deMora, since there was no other candidate.  Bill stated that since Ed was the only interested party, the actuation for his nomination is sufficient if approved by the group.  This prompted severe objection by David Carpenter and he requested his objection be recorded as such.  The secretary was asked to reread the statements as recorded and the group did approve the nomination.

Chair’s messages    Peg talked about the new Young Dems group organizing.  They have met with Malorie Watts and she will act as their advisor and carry on from the previous group on their FB page.  Although this is a young (high school mostly from the Orange area) group they are very interested and hope to develop.

Peg is now vice-chair of ODCCA (Ohio Democratic County Chairs Assoc.)  She attended the recent BOE conference and commended Anthony & Karla from our BOE.  They did an excellent presentation.  Anthony said the BOE is still in need of seasonal help, especially in the warehouse as the new voting machines are beginning to be delivered.  It could also develop into more opportunity later.  This is a paying job.

Peg was also excited to announce that there were 5 tables reserved for the MLK breakfast.

Candidates & Campaigns   In the absence of Aileen Wagner,   David indicated that there are over 100 local offices that will be open in 2019.   Please consider running or even helping on any campaign. Recently,  Melanie Farkas has announced her candidacy in Liberty Twp., opposing Leneghan.  She already has her first fundraiser scheduled.                                                                                                                                                                         Anthony Saadey encouraged anyone considering candidacy can visit the Main Street Training site for information and campaigning details.

Parker Scholarship fund   David Simmons and his committee< Linda Gaffey, Kristin Suarez, & Coe Huckabee will be voting on potential students.  Their parents must be voting Democrats.

Membership Committee     Mindy stated the committee goal is to recruit new members and then encourage them to be active.   She said Delaware has 16K registered voters and we only have 300+/- members.  That gives us a lot of opportunity for growth.  That committee will be meeting at Brad Shimp’s home every month.

Member Jack Hartman gave a brief presentation about the shortcomings of the 2018 elections.  His talk was fashioned on ‘The Red Ceiling’.  Politics is a science, he stated.  Locally we have to focus our attention on the County & Legislative offices. Learn about the pros & cons of candidates and make good decisions.  Support the Democratic vote.

Peg reviewed the upcoming events and encouraged support.

Member Emma Mireles-Jones asked about any petition needs.  The BOE candidate portal was referred.

Communications committee    Brian is appealing for anyone to help with social media, graphics, and editing and newsletter writing experience. 

Former candidate, Cory Hoffman, was recognized in the body.

No further business –  a motion was made by David Carpenter to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Judy Carpenter.   No opposition.  Meeting was closed.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Berry