Central Committee Meeting Minutes – February 2020

On February 20, 2020 the meeting was at the Delaware Township Hall on Liberty Rd.  The attendance sheets reflected 63 members signed in and there were 20 guests.

The meeting was called to order by Chair Peg Watkins at 7:40 pm.  Heather Karr was requested to lead the group with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary report – The minutes from the January meeting were posted on the website and Peg asked for any changes, additions or corrections.  None from the floor.  A motion to approve was made by Corrine Lyman and seconded by Joe diamond.  All approved and motion carried.

Treasurer’s report  –  John Schmarr gave the monthly report and followed with review of the proposed 2020 budget. it was followed by motion to accept by Linda Diamond and it was seconded by Steve Schottel.  Some questions from the floor came regarding the budget.  John responded and Joyce Bourgault made the motion to accept and it was seconded by Aileen. Mindy spoke with one opposing vote.

Guest speaker Elaine Eddy, representing the Olentangy Schools, was asking for support of the bond issue.  She shared her years of experience with the school system and appealed for community support in order to continue the excellent education our children receive. Holly Hanson was also present. Jack Berlekamp made the motion for us to endorse and Melanie Farkas seconded.  Motion carried.

Chair’s report — Peg encouraged early voting and reminded of the write-in candidates we have.  Be sure to pay close attentions to the correct term dates as you write in.  She also encouraged precinct reps to write notes to people in your precincts.

Anthony Saadey stated that early voting process was going well so far.  Anyone with interest in the early Absentee process can find info on the Delaware Board of Elections website or call the Board for details.  He also related that the Board has voted to hire Indu Rajan and Rob Katula to fill two vacancies on the Democratic side.

Campaigns & Candidates – Steve Mount appeals for support in his seek for the 68yh District seat and welcomes any potential volunteers.    Rachel Morocco is running for State Rep in the 67th district and with her background as a Doctor and professor in the health care field, she is moved to improve on changes for a healthier Ohio.

Alaina Shearer is on the road to defeat the current Balderson seat.  Fund raising is going well and welcomes help.  Member Kelly Barry is active in the Pete campaign and asked for event help.

Communications – Melanie shared the updates on the website and reminded of the events on the agenda as well as changes to the Facebook page.

Barb McBride gave a briefing on the status of the ad hoc committee with regard to the office search.  They plan to meet next Monday but nothing else new at this time.

David Carpenter voiced questions with regard to the voting process as we go forward to the re-org meeting.  Peg responded that that is being researched at this time and update information will be provided as soon as possible.

Donna noted that the Mothers Demand Action group is strongly supporting gun safety.

Marian Jaques invited anyone interested to join in the post card signing events taking place every 2 weeks.  Locations are posted on the private group FB site.

No further business or discussion and the meeting came to close.  Aileen made a motion to adjourn and Joe Diamond seconded.  Meeting over.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Berry