Central Committee Meeting Minutes – August 2018

Meeting this day was called to order at 7:38 pm at the Willis Bldg, Rm 212 and there were 57 members and 8 guests in attendance.

Chair Peg Watkins requested Melanie Farkas to lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Peg stated the July minutes have been posted on the website.  She asked for a move to approve them as read – so done by Tony Yankus and seconded by Suzanne Binau.

Copies of the Treasurer’s report and John Schmarr explained with offer for any questions to it’s regard.  He stated that the recent fundraiser “Catch a Rising Star” netted a pleasing $3345.00. Motion to approve offered by Greg Hankins, seconded by Jerry Curran.

Chair report followed –

   ~ Peg reminded that the recent election results were amazingly close and still not official since provisional ballots still need to be counted. That process will begin Monday.  This special election brought 42% registered voters to the polls, far exceeding the expectations.

  ~ The November election will be somewhat more difficult since we had much help from around the country and that isn’t likely in the fall, since there will be many elections then.  We are focusing on the Campaign for Ohio (CFO) plan.  Guest Connor Emser, the field organizer for the O’Connor campaign, joined us this evening, as well as Fred Young who will remain active in our office.

  ~ There is a handout being provided with a complete list of all the active candidates and additional information can be viewed on our website.

  ~ ODP is maintaining more consistent messaging –  People 1st   –     David Pepper says M&M =   Message & Momentum needs to continue building.  Peg adds another M = Magic!

Candidates updates –

    Aileen Wagner stated that of the 176 seats in Delaware County – almost all are currently taken by Rs.   It is time – we are up for changes next year.

    Louise Valentine – expressed confidence in what the future holds for Delaware Dems based on how well Danny has done. She excitedly noted the poll results showed 36% LV vs 33% to her opponent and then shared her recent endorsements from OEA, FOP.   She will be having a canvas kickoff at party headqtrs this Saturday followed by weekly location changes.  Spencer has made some postcard packets available for anyone able to assist with those.

   Aileen stated that she and Indu will be joining forces and literature.  Assistance with anything will be appreciated.

   Cory Hoffman spoke enthusiastically about the strengths that have proven to be successful and said this is our time “we can do this!” 

    Indu said since she and Aileen have been tending to family issues with children starting school, all efforts will begin next week- again knocking on doors.  Thank you for your continued support and let’s keep it up.

Presentation by David Carpenter – provided map views on the precincts/county growth and turnovers to blue.  Most of the southern edge changed over – and Danny ranked at 46%  to the Balderson 54%   – provisional yet to be counted and then official results declared.

Peg stated that ODP will be providing slate cards to show all of the Democratic candidates.  They were expected by now, but delayed, and expected to arrive in the near future. 

Peg also stated that there are two positions soon open at the Board of Elections and anyone interested should apply.  They have been posted on Ohio Means Jobs.

Brian Jaffe discussed the new website and what it will have to offer.  The content will provide candidate and current office holder details, local stories, voting info, VIP dates and events, and meeting notes will also be archived.  Any feedback you may be interested in sharing will be welcomed. The former URL will take you to the current on. He thanked all those that worked on the process change and introduced some of them for recognition.

Peg referred to the upcoming events noted on the Agenda which was available.  She expressed appreciation to Tanya for all her work on the Farm Market.  She also noted that the highest Democratic population indicated the lowest voter turnout.  That’s concerning.

Ed Helvey noted that the September meeting conflicts with the Brown Jug so our meeting will be forwarded to the week before.  Location not yet determined. Notice will be provided.

Peg requested motion to adjourn the business part of the evening.  Done so by Spencer and seconded by Lee Lybarger.

Region groups then advanced to their discussions.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Berry, Sec