Central Committee Meeting Minutes – April 2019

This month’s regular meeting was called to order at 7:38 pm at the Willis Ed Center. 

Chair Peg requested the Pledge be led by Mary Kate Pembroke.

Secretary Minutes – Peg stated those from last month had been posted on our website for review and Greg Hankins moved to accept them as written, seconded by Emma Jones.  All in favor and motion carried.

Treasurer’s report – John’s report was posted on the back of the agenda and he explained that we have 3 tables reserved for the ODP Legacy dinner and they are almost filled.  The recent movie fund raiser was a pleasant success.

Old business –  The Parker scholarship, named in honor of a clothier, offers a $1000 scholarship each year. Some very impressive students applied this year.  David Simmons, and his committee reviewed the applicants and they selected two very talented young ladies, that each were awarded $500. Their names will be provided for the record.  He made the motion to make the award and Katherine Kuck seconded that motion.  All favored. Motion passed.

Guest speakers – were present.

Mark Raiff- local current school superintendent for the past 4 years, with 16 yrs. as an educator, spoke about the proposed legislation on the Fair School Funding Program and that all schools should be treated fairly.  We need to increase public school vs private school dollars.  Delaware is growing @ 37%, with average homes @ $400K so fair funding is at the forefront.  Holly Hansen distributed a summary for review that was offered by State Representatives Bob Cupp & John Patterson.  It provided detailed facts about the funding matter.

Jayna      – spoke about the no tax increase and improvements the levy would provide for buses, school maintenance.  The bond levy is reissue, not new.  Spencer made a motion to endorse the levy and Emma Jones seconded it.  All in favor.

New business  –  The following members were nominated for CC membership.  Emma nominated Marya Kohlman and German Vargas.  Mallory Watts seconded.  ???? nominated Emily Meck.   All in favor of the nominations.  They were invited to the front and Peg led the Oath for them.

Chair reports  – Peg reviewed the May ballot and explained that there are no Democrats to vote on and only some Dems will have issues in their precincts. She again made an appeal for poll workers.  The BOE is still trying to fill some vacancies.  Please consider helping.  You can contact Amy at the BOE. The ODP Legacy dinner is May 17th and we have reservations. Anyone still interested please let her know.   Joyce Bourgalt has offered to chair our Vetting committee.    

Campaigns & Candidates –   Aileen Wagner announced that she is running for Westerville City Council for 1 of 3 positions there.  She also introduced Ken Wright, who is also running for Westerville Council and he spoke about his desire to make an influence on his community.  He stated that his family moved to the area in 2005 and after working on a project with his daughter, he became more connected to his surroundings.  His energy and enthusiasm was well reflected in his talk.

Peg –  reminded of the future events which were also listed on the agenda page for reference.  Emma will be launching her campaign at the Oak & Brazan and Melanie & Heather are about to kick of their special events also.

A new Vetting committee has been formed and Joyce has agreed to chair.  They will meet the first two weeks in June and then the full committee will review endorsements.    

Brad gave an update on membership numbers, currently 230.  Will meet again soon.

Donna said the office is open for any needs.  Please let her know.  She will also get name badges for the new folks.

No further business brought to the table at this time.  Aileen made a motion to close the meeting and Brian Jaffe seconded.  Meeting closed.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Berry,