DCDP Executive Meetings

​ These are business meetings, open to the public, only EC members can vote. We meet the third Thursday of the month, except when we don’t. See our website for latest info. October 19 – Regular EC Meeting (Petition signing for 2024 CC and candidates) November 16 – Exec Meeting (Petition signing for 2024 CC […]

Every First Friday in Delaware and Fourth Fridays in Westerville

​ Join fellow Dems talking to voters, providing information and community good will. Delaware – Contact Pat Meter                            Westerville – Contact Steve Schottel October 6 – Delaware First Friday                        Sept 22 – Westerville Fourth Friday November 3 – Delaware First Friday Oktoberfest – 11 […]

2024 Elections

​ December 20 – Deadline for 2024 CC and candidates to file petitions January 9 – Caucus to select delegates to 2024 National Convention March 19 – Presidential Primary Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Print Back

Important November 2023 Dates

​ October 9/10 – Voter Reg deadline/Early vote starts/1st Absentee ballots mailed November 3, 4, & 5 – Get OUT the Vote November 7 – Last Day to Vote in General Election Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Print Back

September Regional Meetings

​ ·      COB met in a local wine store on Sept 7 ·      Buckeye Valley met on Sept 24 on a farm ·      Big Walnut met in a barn on Sept 14 ·      DLP will meet Sept 27 at Heather Karr’s house ·      Delaware City is recovering from the county fair ·      Genoa Westerville plans […]

Vote YES On Issue One

​ Volunteer to canvas, write postcards, get a yard sign on our website [link] With 46 days remaining until Election Day, and only 19 until Early Voting starts, we are gearing up to support Issue 1 on the November ballot. Opportunities to volunteer range from putting a sign in your yard, to phone banking, writing […]


​ At our September 21 Special Endorsement Meeting, the Candidate Support Committee presented recommendations for 16 candidates who completed the screening process. The amount budgeted to support candidates this year was $12,000, and candidates who requested funding were awarded between $200 and $2,000. Each candidate who requested endorsement in this nonpartisan election received it. Facebook […]

Sept. 16-23 Delaware County Fair

​ It was stupendous! – Thanks to Emma Jones, Julie Houston, Pat Meter, and all Volunteers!   ·      Voter interactions – we educated many voters on Issue 1 and their local candidates for school board, city council, or township trustee   ·      Candy display and giveaway brought children to our booth, 75% of the time […]

Sherrod Brown Campaign News

​ Rain Check! Due to a scheduling conflict, we are postponing indefinitely our October 6 Fundraiser with Sherrod Brown. We will let you know when we learn of a new available date.   Attention, Letter Writers! The Friends of Sherrod Brown Campaign has officially launched their Letter to the Editor program. The campaign will provide letter […]