Delaware Co. Democratic Party member Rayna Patton felt inspired to write the following after watching the #FocusForward: Women Changing Course to Change the World forum on March 29, 2021:

Women in politics, women vision driven

Women working hard for change instead of passive living

Passionate, vigorous, and most of all committed

To justice and to service, a life that is more giving

Part of a sisterhood, newly united, growing

Learn to message, campaign, and focus all your will

 But first  be very sure to know about the job you plan to fill

Resources abound: Emily’s List, LEADOhio, Ignite,

Our local party working hard for you, though Dem financing is tight.

Ready to Run, Main Street, places that will train

Run to Win – or run and lose, and hopefully run again

The second time you’ll meet more folk,

Who already know your name.

Networking is key, those to your message drawn

People who will step in for you when all your time is gone.

Money! Lifeblood of US politics, and you will quickly see

How much it costs to run against a well-heeled GOP,

You’ll need to have a thick skin, get used to rejections’ sound

But if you have a vision you can get the word around

Surprises will come from strangers whom you meet

Someone you do not know who greets you on the street

A check, ten bucks, small giving that accretes

But when your money goal’s surpassed,

It still won’t seem enough,

Every penny will be spent, and still, it’s not enough

Of all campaigning issues, funding raising is so tough!

But you are your neighbors’ investment,

You want to be their voice

Working hard to make them trust

Giving confidence in their choice.

Get ready for the haters, they are strangely all around

People who’ve never met you, and still will put you down.  

Push past it, have a friend who lifts you when you’re down.

Create events and seek new ground, new places,

Not your old familiar crowd, get out and meet new faces.

Spread the word as best you can, account for every penny

Social media don’t neglect, though knowing it’s very messy,

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, where targeting is the game

Here for very little funds, you can carve a space and name.  

Work your other job as well, and don’t forget your kids

Rejoicing in the message that your campaigning gives

Those kids will never be surprised when a woman runs again

Your campaign has meant forever on they’ll never think the same.

Hope for a supportive spouse, save special time for home

Though it’s a challenge going on, remember you’re not alone.  

Know that you can do this.  Feel sure you have the stuff,

Believe you are a strong woman who will always hang in tough.  

Be your own best cheerleader and make your message loud

Women who make a difference, women power proud.                                    R. Patton  3-31-2021