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Welcoming all people with a shared vision for progressive and democratic values

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There is a new wave of enthusiasm and activism. We are aware of the responsibility to be politically involved and to get the message out. We are focused on expanding our membership with more concerned citizens in our communities–so join us and become a member today!




Meet our chair, Peg, and the rest of our officers. These core volunteers keep the Party moving in the right direction.


Join us at regular meetings, organizing workshops, and rising star events featuring Democrats across the state.


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constitution & Bylaws

Learn more about the basis for the modern-day party and the rules that govern the Delaware County Democratic Party.

Our Vision & Approach

The Delaware County Democratic Party (DCDP) is a welcoming party for all people in the community with a shared vision for promoting progressive and democratic values and policies.

Why does the Delaware County Democratic Party exist?

  1. To promote and support progressive democratic issues and candidates and is the party of opportunity for all people.
  2. Because we are truly a party of the people, with policies that make a difference for ALL people. We are a growing party from all levels with a shared vision. We mobilize, organize, win elections, and move forward while improving peoples’ lives.
  3. To support Democratic candidates and specifically raise money to support key Delaware County candidates.
  4. To be a welcoming, diverse, productive and growing party.
  5. Because we champion the cause of ALL people. We help to blend ALL progressives, liberal Republicans and Independents to be involved and financially support Democrats.
  6. To build bridges that put people FIRST and captures the energy to change the county, the country and the world into a better place.


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Increase in Democratic Voters

With Your Help, We are Making Delaware County a Better Place

We believe that Delaware County should be a welcoming place for diverse citizens from multiple cultures. The Delaware County Democratic Party is committed to advancing Democratic values, including quality education, access to healthcare, and ensuring equal rights for everyone, no matter their sexual orientation or the color of their skin. Join us and help more Democrats exercise their right to vote this November.


A Letter from the Chair

New Year, New Focus

As we begin 2022, we find ourselves living in a time of many uncertainties, seemingly endless stress, and lack of social connectedness. There is a saying in social work; you can’t build on weakness, you can only build on strength. Let’s take a moment to identify some of our party’s strengths as we continue to build Delaware County.

Our party has been building infrastructure to serve the growing population of Delaware County. As we grow, we have created committees assigned to particular tasks. We are blessed with many talented volunteers, and providing this structure will help us get more Democrats elected within Delaware County, as well as supporting state and federal campaigns.

Communications: We have one of the most professional and sophisticated communications teams of any county party in the state. These volunteers were able to provide us technical support to continue meeting in a virtual environment, and continue to maintain social media and regular communication with our members via emails and newsletters.

PROD: Through our Precinct and Regional Organization and Development (PROD) Committee, we have created stronger connections throughout the county. There are Democrats in every part of the county, from Thompson Township to the city of Westerville. More of our party members are serving in active leadership roles in their own neighborhoods. These leaders mobilize other volunteers to distribute literature, write postcards, and support each other.

Our Candidate Support Committee helps new candidates run effective campaigns, connecting them to resources and training. In 2021, half of the ten candidates supported by that committee won their elections. Party volunteers also supported candidates by serving as campaign treasurer, providing voter lists to distribute campaign literature effectively, and distributing candidate materials.

Fundraising: In spite of the pandemic, we were able to host a county fundraiser in August featuring U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan, State House Minority Leader Emilia Sykes, and Franklin County Recorder Danny O’Connor.  We also had our largest turnout ever and got advance publicity in the local newspaper. Members and Democratic friends contributed more than $11,000 in ticket and sponsorships for the dinner.

Since the mid-1980s, the Delaware County Democratic Party has awarded the Robert E. Parker Scholarship to outstanding seniors in local high schools. A dedicated group of volunteers makes selections and presentations each year. We are now exploring how the scholarship fund is invested to see if we could do better.

Our party’s Constitution and Bylaws were last revised in 1989. We currently have a group working on updating this document, and hope to have it ready in time to implement for our 2022 reorganization this summer.

Last year, we created a committee to combat racism, starting within our own organization. This group continues to meet, study, and connect with other local organizations to explore ways to make positive changes.

Recent voting trends in Delaware County show an increase in the Democratic vote share. We are making a difference here.

Let’s keep building.



Peg Watkins

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