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The Democratic Party of Delaware County, Ohio has a mission: get local Democrats elected. We approach our mission by energizing local Democrats, helping to identify, encourage and support local Democratic candidates, and challenging the county’s long-standing single-party rule at every opportunity. Naturally, we also do whatever we can to support state- and national-level Democratic candidates.

Parker Scholarship Winners

Two Delaware County high school students received Parker scholarships this year.

Left: Eric Gitson of Delaware Hayes with Parker Scholarship committee chair David Simmons.
Right: Kaitlyn Davidson of Buckeye Valley with First Vice-Chair Joydeep Gupta.

General Election: November 5, 2024

Many important races affecting Delaware County will have Democratic candidates that need and deserve your support. Check out the 2024 races here.

General Election: November 7, 2023

You did it again!

Thanks to the efforts of thousands of volunteers and contributors, both locally and across the state, as well as nearly two million voters, reproductive freedom (Issue 1) and the freedom to use marijuana (Issue 2) both passed. 

Congratulations to the winners!

Congratulations to all of our endorsed candidates who won on November 7!

Chris Wyche, Columbus City Council
Heather Karr, Powell City Council
Amy Messick, Dublin School Board
Jen Aultman and Louise Valentine, Westerville City School Board
Kenneth L. Wright and David Grimes, Westerville City Council

Congratulations also to winning candidates we supported, but who did not ask us for endorsement

Linsey Griffith, Delaware City Council
Mary Kate Pembroke, Buckeye Valley School Board
Lizett Schreiber, Olentangy School Board

Special Election: August 8

General Election: November 8, 2022

We didn’t have any winners, but we did continue growing our vote share. 


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