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Peg Watkins, Chair

March 29, 2019 – The theme of this year’s MLK, Jr. Breakfast was “The Beloved Community”, taken from speeches lesser known than the “I Have a Dream” speech. Bishop Tracy Malone shared what it means to live in community. As your party chair, I consider all Democrats in Delaware County to be part of my “beloved community.” Relating to each other in beloved community is how we will identify and support good local candidates in 2019.

We are seeking people interested in running for the nearly 100 nonpartisan local offices that will be on the ballot this fall (see below for the current list of DelaDem candidates). We want to get as many names of Democrats on the ballot as we can, and then support them. In the past, many offices have had only one candidate, and some races have even had no name on the ballot and positions were filled by appointment after the fact. I’m happy to talk and/or meet with these prospective candidates to let them know what resources DCDP can offer them. We also have a committee on Campaigns and Candidates, chaired by Aileen Wagner. Please feel free to contact either of us for more information.

Especially this year, when our candidates are running within one school district, one village or part of a city, one township, these are neighborhood races. We have been developing stronger relationships with other Democrats in the county that make us stronger and capable of more than any of us can do alone. As we look at festivals, street fairs, and parades this year, our presence will show the many non-affiliated county residents that we are not a one-party county, that there is an alternative to the local GOP.
In the 1970s, we said, “Think globally, act locally.” Today, in 2019, we need to ACT LOCALLY. Our local candidates in 2018 built the strength of the Democratic community in Delaware. If we don’t continue to strengthen that foundation, we will not be ready for 2020, regardless of how much speculation or jockeying for position among candidates happens this year.
We need everyone’s help to build this community, whether you run for office or help identify and/or support someone else to run. We have just one county-wide candidate to support: Emma Jones, candidate for Municipal Clerk of Courts. A handful of other candidates have announced, and we expect to see many more. If you are not able to run this year, please consider helping with someone else’s campaign – it’s the best way for you to get elected in the future!

This year is important; please be a part of growing this beloved community!Thanks, Peg