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As we struggle with sadness and disappointment, I want to again THANK each of our “local” candidates: Danny O’Connor, Louise Valentine, Cory Hoffman, Kathleen Tate, Indu Rajan, and Aileen Wagner. You brought us together, winning thousands of votes and creating a sense of pride in being a Democrat in Delaware County.

We celebrate that Senator Sherrod Brown will continue to fight for the people of Ohio, and that we have new Democratic justices on the Ohio Supreme Court: Michael P. Donnelly and Melody J. Stewart. This will bring some balance to the state’s highest judicial authority, since all seven seats are currently held by the other party. We also retained Judge Patricia Delaney and elected Scot Gwin to the Ohio Fifth District Court of Appeals.

In spite of gerrymandering and nationally funded attack ads, Danny O’Connor’s race for US House District 12 was far closer (O’Connor: 47%, Balderson: 51%) than what we saw in 2016 (25%/72%) and 2014 (22%/75%).

Delaware County Democrats made significant GAINS

For the first time, we were able to support a full slate of highly qualified local candidates. EVERY ONE of our 2018 local candidates improved over our candidates from 2016 and 2014:

State Senate candidate Louise Valentine earned 47% of the vote, missing a win by only a 3-point difference, while out raising her opponent.

Cory Hoffman captained a heroic increase over his predecessors, winning 43% of the vote in State House District 67, compared with 34% in 2016.

Kathy Tate won the respect of her opponent in Ohio House District 68, and won 33% of the vote, an increase over 2016.

Our County candidates faced tough races against popular incumbent Republicans. For Commissioner, Aileen Wagner earned 27,442 votes (39%) up from 16,004 (28%) in 2014. In 2014, we had NO candidate for County Auditor. Indu Rajan earned 24,618 votes (35%) and both Aileen and Indu supported all of our other candidates with lots of canvassing and postcard writing.

Finally, THANK YOU to the many, many volunteers who contributed to any campaign, candidate, or party activity: every phone call, every postcard, every yard sign, every door that was knocked, and every conversation with voters wherever it happened. There are now many more patches of blue among the red on the political map of Delaware County.

There is still much to do.

We have created a community of proud Democrats in Delaware County, and an infrastructure to build on. Join us November 15 at 7:30 p.m. for our next Central Committee meeting at Willis Education Center, 74 W. William Street in Delaware.