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  • The Big Walnut Regional Team met outdoors on September 15.  Two of the candidates, Liana Lee for BWSD School Board and Chris Conomy for Harlem Township Trustee attended our meeting. . Our team of volunteers will support these two as well as Crystal Mazza and Scott Weatherby for BWSD by placing yard signs, door hangers, and sending postcards. Our team maintains contact with each other and the candidates via email and will be providing them with updated information as appropriate.  – Diane and Mike Kabler
  • The Buckeye Valley Region met via Zoom on September 23rd.  We shared a list of candidates and their contacts that are running in Delaware County in order to help their campaigns. Mary Kate Pembroke gave information about Buckeye Valley School Board candidates that share common Democratic Values.  We discussed the list of volunteers that may be of some help to campaigns and to find new Precinct representatives.  We were updated on the current progress on redistricting and how we can help.  It was recommended that attending National Rural Organizers meetings is very helpful for many of our areas. Some were attending that evening.  – Joyce Bourgault
  • Delaware City region met with DCSD school board and Delaware city council candidates  and determined that we could help by dropping literature for them, so we started doing this every Tuesday and Saturday. Volunteers pick up packets at Linda Diamond’s home at 153 North Washington St. and complete each turf at their convenience. We also have represented Democrats at Delaware’s First Friday events from July through October, and held a special event to meet candidates and kick off more lit drops on October 5, the first day of early voting, Cider and doughnuts were provided, and volunteers took a turf to promote our candidates. –Judy Carpenter and Linda Diamond
  • The Dublin/Liberty/Powell Region met Monday, September 27th at Nocterra. Brandon Lester for OLSD School Board, Melanie Farkas for Liberty Township and Christina Drummond for Powell Council addressed the group.  We discussed ways to support each candidate.  Some precincts are opting to canvass for candidates and send out a postcard to Democrats listing the candidates. –Heather Karr
  • The Orange area group met on September 16th in an outdoor setting and was excited to hear from Olentangy Local School District board candidate Brandon Lester. There were several new faces at the event and our plans for the immediate future are to canvass for Brandon. –Holly Hanson
  • The Westerville Genoa region met on September 23, 2021 on Zoom.   Bill Wood of the Westerville Progressive Alliance gave an update on candidates for Westerville City Council and the Westerville School Board for the upcoming election .  Bill also shared information on the coordinated canvassing plan and how people can volunteer to canvas for the candidates.  The group also discussed plans to organize and energize the precincts to start preparing for the 2022 elections. –Marya Kolman