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Party Reorganization Meeting held on June 2nd 2020 at 8:00 pm via Zoom.

Moderators : ​Bill DeMora and George Clark from the Ohio Democratic Party (ODP). Other ODP observers present: Simon Dallas and Sofia Avouris

Present on Call:​ Ronald Baer, Margo Bartlett, Karen Bergendine, John Berlekamp, Suzanne Binau, Joyce Bourgault, Richard Bradley, Tanya Bruce, Toneita Burke, Shawna Burkham, Patrick Carle, Judy Carpenter, David Carpenter, Melissa Casoli, David Chappell, Elizabeth Charbonneau, Jonathan Chu, Nancy Cline, Katherine Cole, Kristina Daiker, Robert Davis, Dena Delaviz, Linda Diamond, Joe Diamond, Spencer Dirrig, Roo Dirrig, Sharon Emley, Melanie Farkas, Jacob Fathbruckner, Pamela Foster, Tom Francy, Marianne Gabel, Heather Gonzalez, Joydeep Gupta, Greg Hankins, Yvette Hanselmann, Holly Hanson, John Hartman, Mindy Hedges, Don Hedges, Ed Helvey, John Helwig, Cory Hoffman, Kathy Holdren, Julianne Houston, Colleen Huckabee, Marian Jacques, Brian Jaffe, Diane Kabler, Mike Kabler, Heather Karr, Robert Katula, Sam Kindred, Marya Kolman, Katherine Kuck, Cathi Kulik, Adam Laugle, Cheryl Luce, Caleb Lohr, Corinne Lyman, David Martin, Barbara McBride, Denise McCandless, Abigail Metheney, Emma Mirles Jones, Eric Mumper, Amy Murphy, Sam Murphy, Franchesca Nestor, Laurie Nolta, Rayna Patton, Mary Kate Pembroke, Lisa Perez, Cara Posey, Indu Rajan, Jerry Rhoades, Anthony Saadey, John Schmarr, Stephen Schottel, Valerie Shafer, Brad Shimp, Donna Sinclair, Tara Talgar, Georgia Tilton, Louise Valentine, Roger Van Sickle, Aileen Wagner, Pam Warrick-Schknolnik, Andre Washington, Peg Watkins, Mallorie Watts, Amy White-Predieri, Ken Wright,

Tony Yankus, Mary Yankus, Jenny Yoder, Heidi Yoder, Carol Young, and Enas Yunis.
Also present after vote to include in the Executive Committee were Lynda Behan, John Calvert, Gerry Curran, Yvette Lawal, Lee Lybarger, Mark Predieri, Norma Schmansky, Mary Therese Spaulding, German Vargas, David Simmons, Elizabeth Osorio, Thomas Smith, and John Henney.

We started with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a moment’s silence for George Floyd.

Peg Watkins said that David Simmons was inadvertently not included in the list of appointments to open precincts. She requested that he be added and the motion was made by Denise McCandless, which was seconded by Emma Jones. Motion passed.

Peg shared a list of additional new members to be added as “at large” members of the Executive Committee and these included Lynda Behan, John Calvert, Gerry Curran, Yvette Lawal, Lee Lybarger, Norma Schmansky, Mary Therese Spaulding, German Vargas, David Simmons and Elizabeth Osorio.

Jacob Fathbruckner made the motion which was seconded by Molly Yankus. Denise McCandless moved to add Thomas Smith. Jacob Fathbrucker allowed it as a friendly amendment. Cara Posey moved to add Jim Nugent and Jacob Fathbruckner once again allowed it as a friendly amendment. Marianne Gabel asked if the members being added were aware and had accepted the position. Peg Watkins said that everybody had

been contacted and informed. She said this was not an exhaustive list and more people can be added later. Andre Washington made the motion to add the 14 new members to the Executive Committee and was seconded by Heather Karr. The motion was passed.

German Vargas moved to add John Henney to the Executive Committee, seconded by Jack Berlekamp, motion passed.

Peg Watkins read the oath and the 13 new members were sworn into the Executive Committee. Peg moved on to the election for the other positions.

Male Vice- Chair​: Cara Posey nominated Joydeep Gupta. David Chappell nominated Brian Jaffe. Allison Wagner called to close the nominations which was seconded by Steve Schrode. Motion to close passed. Results: Joydeep got 69 votes and Brian got 31 votes.

Female Vice-Chair: ​Judy Carpenter was nominated by Colleen Huckabee and Amy Murphy nominated Aileen Wagner. Mike Kabler voted to close the nominations and David Carpenter seconded the motion. Motion to close passed. Results: Aileen Wagner got 61 votes and Judy Carpenter got 38. Secretary: ​Marian Jacques nominated Pam Warrick-Schknolnik and Cara Posey nominated Barb Berry. Andre Washington moved to close the nominations and Steve Schottel seconded. Motion to close passed. Results: Barb Berry got 64 votes and Pam Warrick got 39 votes.

Treasurer: Heather Karr nominated Roo Dirrig and Brad Shimp nominated Pamela Foster. Melanie Frakas motioned to close the nominations and Enas Yunis seconded. The motion to close passed. Results: Roo Dirrig got 59 votes and Pamela Foster got 41 votes.

The next meeting will be on June 18th at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom. Peg will have discussion with all the candidates before the next meeting.

Motion to adjourn the meeting proposed by Steve Schottel and seconded by Jonathan Chu.