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Absentee voting by mail is continuing in Ohio as the state legislature and courts decide what happens next. You may recall last week’s Ohio primary was postponed due to the public health risk posed by COVID-19. The Secretary of State and Governor proposed a new election date of June 2. However, several lawsuits were filed and still must go through the courts, including one from the Ohio Democratic Party, which aims to protect the right to vote for those who were unable to vote on March 17.

You can read more about ODP’s decision to file the lawsuit here. At the same time, both Democratic and Republican leaders in the Ohio House and Senate are working on bipartisan legislation to resolve voting issues.

As it stands right now, you can continue to request absentee ballots to be sent to you by going here and then completing and mailing in the application. Please note you cannot go to the Board of Elections for in-person absentee voting. Call the office for the latest information at 740-833-2080.

State lawmakers have been called back to Columbus to discuss the primary election date and a number of other issues that have come up due to the virus outbreak. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have been quoted as saying they support Election Day being held earlier than June 2. We will keep you updated.