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Peg Watkins, chair

Feb. 3, 2020

We are heading into what many are saying is the most important election of our lifetime. The November election gives us a chance to vote out Donald Trump and unseat those Republicans in Congress who have blindly followed his damaging policies and decisions. We also have a chance to break the super majority in the Ohio House.

But first, we have an extremely important primary on March 17, 2020. I’ve just reviewed the Democratic ballot styles and there are different ballots for each of our 165 precincts in Delaware County. It’s time to educate yourself before early voting starts on February 19!

1. Presidential Campaigns Our local involvement in these various campaigns will energize our local party. Delaware County Democratic Party members who are working to support presidential candidates should keep in mind that we will all need to be united to support the party’s ultimate nominee. Local candidates, from U.S. House District 12, Ohio Supreme Court races, Ohio Statehouse Districts 67 & 68, as well as candidates for County Commissioner and Central Committee representatives are also on the ballot. Learn all about these before you vote! Get more details here.

The Ohio Democratic Party will provide support to our efforts in Delaware County by paying for campaign staff and office space here.

2. Organizing Precincts As we prepare for the March 17 primary, Central Committee representatives play an important role in providing information to Democrats in your precinct about what will be on the ballot, and how to get additional information about candidates (ohiodeladems.org). In the past, precinct reps have sent postcards, held social activities within their precinct like candidate meet and greets or having regular meetups in local coffee shops, restaurants, or other establishments.

You can generate a list of the Democrats in your precinct using this form that searches the Delaware County Board of Elections public data. Need help? Contact me.

3. Challenging Republican dominance in Delaware County The majority of registered¬†voters in Delaware County are not affiliated with any party. Whether you are a precinct rep or not — we need you. Talk to your neighbors about democratic values, and offer alternatives to single party rule. Do this in a way that is supportive, not threatening. Voicing Our Values is an excellent resource to help you reach out to those who are not already committed to the Democratic Party.¬†

Please feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions. Our party puts People First! Email me.