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The Delaware County Democratic Party endorsed the Olentangy Local School District levy that is on the Apr. 28, 2020 ballot. It is on the ballot in three parts: an operating levy, a permanent improvement levy and a bond issue. The money raised from the passage of this issue will allow Olentangy Schools to continue to provide the level of academic excellence and opportunities that our community values.

The cost to taxpayers for the 7.9 mills on this ballot issue will be $276.50 per $100,000 of current home value per the county auditor. This amount is in addition to what taxpayers currently pay in school property taxes. Both the operating levy and the permanent improvement levy are permanent, as all prior operating levies have been.

With this ballot issue, Olentangy will have the funds and facilities to accommodate the projected enrollment growth. According to Olentangy’s Facilities Committee, a defeat will result in significant overcrowding and larger class sizes. It puts at risk the academic experience and the opportunities available to students.

In addition to Olentangy’s unprecedented growth, one of the reasons the district is requesting additional funding is due to the limited funding provided from the state of Ohio. Olentangy receives just $640 when calculated on a per pupil basis. The average school district in Ohio receives $5,000.

When compared on a per-pupil basis, not only does Olentangy receive far less in state funding than the average public school district, it receives less than half of the $1,376 in per-pupil state funding that private schools receive.

According the Facilities Committee’s report, Olentangy’s elementary school enrollment is projected to increase by more than 2,286 students in the next 10 years, and middle school enrollment is projected to increase by more than 1,387 students in the next 10 years.