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The Delaware County Democratic Party candidates have all been diligently attending local candidates’ forums. The same cannot be said for the full slate of Republicans. It would appear their years of one-party leadership have resulted in taking Delaware County voters for granted. That means a great opportunity for Democrats says Chair, Peg Watkins. “When the Democratic candidates are elected, our candidates will continue to be accountable to the people of Delaware County, and they will continue to attend events and answer questions. That’s how our government works best.”

Some examples of these No Shows:

At the League of Women Voters Delaware County’s Round-Table Forum on October 9 at the Delaware Area Career Center North, there were six Democratic candidates, one Green candidate and two Republican candidates. The round-table format was well-received. As candidates moved from table-to-table, they had a chance to individually address the concerns and questions of people in the community, and do so in an intimate setting. Where were the other Republicans? Maybe too busy or too unnerved by a direct confrontation about sensitive voter issues like healthcare and tax favoritism for the wealthy. See pictures of the event here.

Balderson’s refusal to debate O’Connor. This is not a recent development, and is a pattern that began after both Danny O’Connor and Troy Balderson attended a Q & A session in New Albany in the weeks leading up to the Special Election. Balderson has been dodging O’Connor ever since. Even at that session, Balderson hardly interacted with the audience before or after, and the news media (local press, and the New York Times and Washington Post) were unable to peg him down for an interview.

  • In a recent event, both O’Connor and Balderson were given a 3-minute opportunity to make a statement about their campaign. And just like the event in New Albany, Balderson did his best to avoid interaction with audience and the press, ducking out immediately after, while O’Connor stayed around to spend time with the voters and Press.
  • Balderson and O’Connor did appear in a Candidate Forum on October 25th. O’Connor and Balderson focused on issues affecting Ohio seniors at the event, hosted by the nonprofit organization National Church Residences. Last week, the Columbus Dispatch noted that a joint appearance from O’Connor and Balderson, who has refused debate offers from WOSU/Dispatch and 10TV’s Face the State, was “a rare sight: both candidates speaking from the same lectern.”
  • Balderson, who has turned down numerous requests to debate O’Connor, insists that voters in the highly competitive race have seen them together enough times to make up their minds. “Danny and I have done forums and people know where we are,” Balderson said. Those forums, however, are few and far between.
  • Of Balderson’s typically quick exits and general avoidance, O’Connor said “the contempt for voters…that he demonstrates needs to change on November 6th”.

Louise Valentine, the Democratic candidate for Ohio’s 19th State Senate seat, is running against Andrew Brenner. He refused invitations, nor would he attend a debate.

  • “We have always heard positive responses from the candidates when we sponsor debates,” says News Publisher Kay Culbertson. “It is unfortunate that we have candidates who fail to see the value in addressing important questions in front of their constituents.”
  • “A representative for Brenner said he was ‘not able to participate’ and did not respond to the question as to whether or not a different date would work better.”

Cory Hoffman has tirelessly made appearances at as many events, forums, and debates as possible, even though his wife has been expecting (and just delivered their son!).

  • Kris Jordan, however, has been a no-show at every event and forum while his divorce and spousal abuse case is being litigated.
  • The good news is that Cory Hoffman and his wife had an adorable baby boy on October 25th to add to their beautiful family.  He’s ready to really get out there in the last week to kick butt and win this election!

-DCDP volunteers