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“There is nothing new under the sun,” according to one of my favorite books.

Yet we did experience new things in 2018. For the May Primary, not only did Democrats in our county actually have a full slate of candidates to vote for, there were a record number of Democrats on the ballot running for our Central Committee, including seven contested races. In August, the Special Congressional Election produced a result to shame the Republican candidate, who just barely eked out a win in a gerrymandered district. In the November General Election, Delaware County had the highest voter turnout in Ohio by far. We end the year with a record number of dues-paying members in our local party – nearly 300!

Looking ahead to 2019, our county party is in a stronger position to support local Democratic “Main Street” candidates. If you are interested in running for any local office, the Ohio Democratic Party (ODP) has an online tool to help you identify which offices are up this year based on where you live. Go to: https://ohiodems.civicengine.com.  The deadline to file for most of these offices is in August. And please take a moment to read about what some first-time candidates had to say in the below article “The experience of running a campaign”. You can also read about: our upcoming Board of Elections vote to elect (or re-elect) our Democratic representative; the 2018 Holiday Party; our “Member Spotlight” on Joydeep Gupta; and upcoming bills in the lame-duck state house session in our new “Ohio Legislative Watch” section.

After such an exciting year, what can we ALL do?

  1. Pay your membership dues to support our party’s infrastructure and keep our headquarters operating
  2. Make some calls to your local legislators or to Kasich’s office. Read the article in our new “Ohio Legislative Watch” section and keep up with the status of bills in the state legislature.
  3. Reach out to fellow Democrats. If you’re on the Executive or Central Committee, organize your precinct. Pick five people to reach out to, and have a gathering at your house, your neighbor’s house, or a local bar or restaurant. If you’re not, find out who that person is and let them know you’re willing to help
  4. Join a committee – there are many to choose from. Our website describes them at: https://ohiodeladems.org/subcommittee

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year ! Relax and rest up, we have a big year ahead of us!