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Thank you for re-electing me as Chair of the Delaware County Democratic Party for another two-year term. Congratulations to Joydeep Gupta, Aileen Wagner, Barb Berry, and Roo Dirrig who were elected, and thank you to Brian Jaffe, Judy Carpenter, Pamela Warrick-Schkolnik and Pamela Foster for running for office. Each of you worked hard and reached out to many of your potential voters, just as we will be doing as we head into this crucial election period. I want to reinforce what I said in our meeting on May 26, where I see us heading together this year and next – with hope, in faith, and with charity toward each other.

I feel hopeful that, with renewed energy, we can come together and be stronger than ever. We can recognize our common goals, and turn our attention to supporting candidates from the county level through the Ohio Supreme Court, state and national representatives, and on to recovering the White House. I’m hopeful that we can work together in the next FIVE MONTHS, and over the next two years, to lead this party in achieving more of the great potential we have in the most educated, wealthiest, and most ready-to-turn-blue county in Ohio.

I believe we can grow as a party – not just in membership numbers, but in level of activity, and by working smarter. We need more volunteers interacting with each other, and many people playing significant roles, not just a few. During this social distancing time, most of us are capable of participating in a Zoom meeting, and many of us have hosted them. We can use our new skills to have smaller meetings — for training, for discussions of specific topics, and for our regional groups to virtually meet and then bring reports to our monthly business meetings. Having more candidates compete for offices in the party has let us exercise our campaign muscles. Let’s use those skills in persuasion to reach out to our neighbors to get them to vote for Democrats in November.

Delaware County’s population is NOT very racially or ethnically diverse. Eighty-five percent of us are white; but the Delaware County Democratic Party ought to be a leading organization to increase and strengthen our diversity. People in the majority need to look at ourselves and realize that if we are not working to combat racism, sexism, and all the “isms” that keep us from treating others as our fellow human beings deserving of the same opportunities and rights that we enjoy, we are part of the problem.
I have faith that we can grow financially. Last summer, we hit a record for a single fundraising event. We asked for and received contributions from local unions, as well as from some individuals that met the Chair’s Challenge to pledge $500 each. Many of us now make our membership donations as monthly recurring contributions. (If you have not yet donated for 2020, let this be a gentle reminder to do so).

Last year we distributed $6,000 among our group of local candidates. If we want people to run for local offices, we need to support them financially. The gains made by our candidates who are now public officials, as well as those who increased our vote share, have paved the way for success; this is now nearer within our grasp than it has been for decades.
As Aileen Wagner has said, politics is never about one person. We are all responsible for doing our part. We can all do something, but no one can do everything. Over the past two years, I have been impressed by the talent, energy, and commitment to democratic values of everyone in this diverse group. We are a community of volunteers that puts people first, and we need to support each other as well. Charity begins at home; let’s be charitable with ourselves and with each other.
I appreciate each and every one of you, and I look forward to working together to take back this country.

Thank you for your support,