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Dear Friends,

This is a very stressful time for everyone in this nation.  Anxiety caused by a deadly virus, job losses, anxiety and loneliness, and financial stress for many. Tempers are short and relationships are strained. Fear and frustration are heightened by a global pandemic that has been mishandled by our government, and has highlighted the inequities in our system that disproportionately affect people of color. In the midst of all this, the world convulsed with horror at the callous police murder of George Floyd, caught on a cell phone camera by a brave bystander. Our normal ways to comfort each other, to be able to come together to share words and physical signs of support are not possible now.

It’s hard to see what we can do.

We can have hope. For the first time in decades, people have taken to the streets in large numbers to protest police brutality, and more broadly, for the cause of equity and human rights. Protestors of all races and ages are participating, in spite of the global pandemic that is still with us. Protests led by African-Americans and allies are occurring across the country in large cities and small rural towns. In just over two weeks, we have seen some cities and states make quick changes in policy to counter systemic racism.  

Here at home, the Delaware County Democratic Party is larger and stronger than it has ever been. We have so many talented people who are united in our goals to get out the vote, to inform and educate voters, and to have conversations with those who may still be undecided, even now, about who to put in the White House. 

We can continue to hope and work together on our shared goals. While protesting has brought awareness to the many wrongs in our society, the election on November 3 brings opportunity for positive and lasting change. 

We can keep the focus on voting in the election that will begin on October 6, less than 120 days from today. Absentee ballots can be requested now; there is no reason to wait. We can do this together. We can ONLY do it together.

I’m inspired by the many heroes I see locally, and in our state and nation. Everyone who makes a phone call, donates to a campaign, or stands outside holding a sign, is a hero. The values of the Democratic party are American values. Please make time to talk to your friends, coworkers, or neighbors about how important it is to vote for our shared American values so that we can be one nation with liberty and justice for all.

Peace, Peg