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Joydeep Gupta is a tireless, dedicated volunteer who knocked on over a thousand doors during the November campaign. He always makes us smile and appreciate his commitment to the Delaware County Democratic Party and our candidates.

Tell us a little about yourself and family — where are you from, how long you have lived in Delaware County, what is your occupation, and your political participation before now?

First, I want to take this opportunity to thank the newsletter editors for considering me as the Spotlight member as I am honored to be included in this edition of our DCDP newsletter.

Now, back to the questions — if I have to describe myself in a few words, it would be “a human being who is positive about every aspect of life and strongly believes there is a reason for everything that happens.”

I am from India, born and brought up (for the most part) in a beautiful, culture-rich, politically aware place, Silchar (in northeast India) and I have lived in quite a few cities across India before coming to the U.S. My wife is from New Delhi and we are living in the central Ohio region for almost 17 years, presently in the Olentangy Crossings community on Route 23 (Delaware county | Precinct: Orange-L).

By profession, I am an Associate Vice President (AVP) with Tech Mahindra, a USD $5 Billion global Digital transformation and IT consulting company, with presence in almost all major cities across the U.S. I partner with the C-Suite leaders advising them on strategy, innovation, Industry shifts, and what they should be doing to stay ahead, be innovative and efficient.

My work involves lot of travel and takes me to many different places across the U.S., meeting & interacting with Industry leaders, providing me with opportunities to share and learn. Out of all these interactions, if you ask me, my two key takeaways would be: (1) we should be accountable to our own selves, first and foremost and (2) trust will continue to be at the core of anything we want to achieve.

We have two children. Our daughter is getting ready to start college next year, with a few ‘early action’ college acceptances have starting to come in. Our son is in 8th grade, at Shanahan Middle school (in the Olentangy school district).

Before the 2018 midterm, I did not involve myself in any political activities other than running for HOA trustee board, which I won and I was the president of the first elected board for three years.

I look at politics as one of the key enablers of change and a powerful platform that could transform lives of everyone, making this world a much better place for all of us and for generations to come. The process of “how” is what makes it very fascinating. To me, every citizen should participate and get involved in politics, in anyway possible.

When did you join the Delaware County Democratic Party and why?

Officially, it started with the 2018 midterm but back in 2009, I shared my interest with Ed Helvey, who was the chairperson of DCDP at that time. My relationship with Ed started from those days and we continued to stay in touch. I am happy to have known him, and I have high regards for him.

I joined the Democratic Party because of its ideology, its value system, what it stands for, it’s bold and transformative policies, amazing leaders and more importantly, our Delaware County Democratic Party team. I find the DCDP like a happy family, always welcoming, very friendly, and true to its mission (2018 midterm results demonstrates these). With DCDP, I feel a sense of “togetherness.”

What was the most fun event you have participated in so far?

With this midterm campaign, I have participated and attended quite a few events and I will highlight two of them here:

(1) Sen. Sherrod Brown’s event for Louise Valentine at DCDP HQ. I think it was well-deserved support from Sen. Brown, and it further strengthened Louise’s position. It was also a proud moment for us at DCDP. (2) The Blue Wave Blowout event at Highbanks, which created a good buzz for our candidates and the DCDP.

Tell us about a funny or silly thing that might have happened to you while working on an event or canvassing for a candidate

In fact, I can think of quite a few incidents to share, regardless of those being funny or silly 🙂 like: (1) When we knocked on the door of Mr Troy Balderson’s family member, we had a brief but very cordial conversation. (2) In another situation, the husband had shut the storm door saying he won’t vote for us, and while I was backing my car, his wife came from inside waving at me to stop, and telling me she has already voted for the Democrats. (3) And then I had this experience. One gentleman invited me in for drinks at the end of our canvasing conversation.

What has been the most satisfying part or event you have done so far in politics? For the DCDP?

For me, the most satisfying part in politics was the 2018 midterm campaign. I wanted to do anything that was meaningful, and do as best as I could for the Democratic Party candidates. I really have enjoyed every bit of it. With this campaign, I have also come to know so many wonderful people, from both within and outside the Party.

What do you want to tell all our readers?

Whatever we set out to do, it’s important to understand the purpose and be fully invested so we can create an impact and make a difference.

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